5 Ways to Create an Austin Apartment Home You'll Love

Jean Jones
January 03, 2017

Love_your_Apt-Austin.jpgWith smart strategies and creative personalization, you can create a one-of-a-kind apartment home in Austin that you’ll love. Here are five ways to add flair and interest to your space:  

1. Add Visual Interest to the Walls

A photo collage can instantly personalize your space. You can gather coordinating frames in several sizes and curate your favorite photos, or make a large painting the focal point of the wall.

2. Fill it with Flowers

Grow your own blooms on the balcony of your apartment home, pick bouquets for the kitchen table, or consider picking up fresh bouquets from a local florist to add anywhere. If you’d prefer something with a lasting effect, visit a craft store and make your own bouquet from silk or faux flowers.

3. Set the Right Ambiance with Lighting

Your use of lighting can dramatically transform the feel of your apartment home. Consider stick strip lighting under counters or shelves for a sleek, modern effect, or use wall sconces and battery-powered candles for a low romantic glow.

Start by thinking about how you use each area of your apartment home and what emotions you want each area to invoke, and develop your lighting strategies from there.

4. Stock Your Kitchen for Entertaining

Equip your kitchen with the basics needed to entertain successfully. Whether your ultimate evening involves watching a movie with friends, or making a formal dinner for eight, make sure you have more than enough kitchenware to cover everyone’s food and beverage needs.

5. Stay Organized

One of the easiest ways to create a living space you’ll love is to focus on function. Grab a box and ditch items you no longer need to create more fresh open space, and develop smart systems for everyday essentials like a tray for mail and a handy hook for your keys. Keeping your apartment home organized creates a fresh, welcoming feel when you and visitors walk in the door.

How have you personalized your apartment home? Share your favorite tips and strategies in the comments section below!

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