Craving Ice Cream or Froyo? Head to One of These 4 Shops In and Around Round Rock

Jean Jones
August 09, 2016

Ice-Cream-Places-Round-Rock.jpgIf you have a sweet tooth, it’s handy to know where the nearest ice cream shop is located. There are several decadent options near Springs at Round Rock that offer cool treats to satisfy your craving. Keep the following four delicious destinations in mind the next time you’re craving a creamy cup or cone:

1. Maggie Moo’s La Frontera Village

150 Sundance Pkwy, Round Rock

Maggie Moo’s serves handmade, small-batch ice cream in dozens of flavors like tiramisu, chocolate amaretto, praline, peppermint, cappuccino, and lemon custard. Sorbets and low-fat yogurts are on the menu as well. If you have a special occasion coming up, don’t forget Maggie Moo’s makes custom ice cream cakes to add a chilly touch of deliciousness to your event.

2. The Yogurt Experience

200 University Blvd, Suite 230, Round Rock

At The Yogurt Experience you can choose from ten frozen yogurt flavors. Start with your favorite and then add an unlimited amount of goodies from the toppings bar, which features 50 different options including fresh fruit, candies, cereal, crumbled desserts, nuts, sprinkles, and syrups. When you’re done building your masterpiece, you’ll weigh in your creation and pay by the ounce. Be sure to come back often because the flavors change frequently.

3. Paleteria La Selva

1200 E Palm Valley Blvd, Suite 1218, Round Rock

Paleteria La Selva is a Mexican ice cream shop. You can choose a scoop of a classic flavor like strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla, or try something a bit more distinctive like coconut or pistachio. Build a cone with your favorite flavors or choose a paleta — it’s like a popsicle, but made with fresh fruit juice and chunks of real fruit. The shop also offer some hot bites to accompany your ice cream, like corn cups or spicy cheese nachos with jalapenos.

4. Amy’s Ice Creams

10000 Research Blvd, Suite 140, Austin

Amy’s offers its seven standard flavors of ice cream including Mexican vanilla, Belgian chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, sweet cream, and coffee. You can also find more than 350 specialty flavors in the rotation. Add crush’ns or toppings that include nuts, candy bars, fresh fruit, cereals, cookies, and hot fudge to customize your cool treat to your specific liking.  

What’s your favorite ice cream spot near Springs at Round Rock or in Austin? Share your top shops and favorite flavors in the comments below!

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