Does Your Apartment Management Say They Have ‘Great Service’? Here’s How To Know If They Walk The Walk

Jean Jones
February 27, 2018


This article originally appeared on the Springs "You're Home Blog."

If you’ve ever been in the market for an apartment, you’ve seen phrases like these: “professional management with residents in mind”…”full service company here to serve you”…even “we’re passionate about our residents and excited to build a relationship with you.”

What do these management companies mean by “service”…and do they really follow through?

For most people, the choice of apartment is based primarily on the quality and suitability of the apartment and its location. But people in the market for a new apartment look at a number of other factors, too. One of those is the service provided by the community’s leasing team and management. Unlike tangible features people can “check off their list,” like an open floor plan and granite countertops, service isn’t as easy to see when you’re touring potential apartments. What should your expectations of service be as you evaluate apartments? And how can you tell if what the management says about their service is true?

What It Means To Get Great Service

There are two types of service: actions of the management, and the number of “extras” offered for the enjoyment and convenience of residents.

Here are a couple examples of the actions Springs regularly takes for its residents

  • A resident who will be out town for the weekend is concerned that an order of perishable food they placed will arrive while they’re away; the leasing team offers to take the package to the apartment and slip it in the resident’s refrigerator
  • Another resident is unexpectedly working late, but her dog needs to be let out; she calls the Springs office and they make sure Fido’s needs are taken care of.  

A good management team will focus on the needs of its residents and find ways to go the extra mile when they can.

Great service is also about creating a comfortable lifestyle for its residents. Here are some examples of the services Springs offers to do just that:

  • Flexible lease terms. Not everyone’s situation is right for a 1-year lease, so we offer a number of options to suit residents’ needs. We even have a Pledge to our Residents: if for any reason your situation or needs change within the first 30 days of your lease, you can end your lease – no strings attached
  • SpringsCares. Every Springs community has a charitable organization that they support because we know “community” isn’t just defined by the confines of our property
  • Outdoor cooking setup. Located just steps from our resort-style pools, the grill and kitchen prep areas make it possible to cook and enjoy dinner outside
  • Breakfast On The Go. Residents rushing off to work occasionally get to enjoy a breakfast courtesy of Springs
  • Fun community events. We organize a variety of events that give residents opportunities to get to know and enjoy their neighbors
  • Free car care centers. Our communities give residents a convenient way to vacuum and wash their cars
  • Free wireless and coffee bar. Our clubhouses are outfitted to help residents catch up on work and grab some much-needed caffeine  
  • 24-hour emergency maintenance response. Some repairs can wait ‘til morning, but some can’t. Our maintenance team is available 24/7 for those instances when immediately attention is required
  • 24-hour fitness centers. Getting in a workout doesn't always fit between 8 and 5, so ours is open around the clock

As you look for the right apartment home for you, don’t forget to evaluate the types and level of service offered. One quick way to know if management is “walking the walk” when they say they’re focused on residents? Each time you walk into a leasing office, notice how the representative greets you – if he or she greets you at all. Is this person eager and welcoming, or distracted and uninterested? That will be your first clue into how serious the community management is about serving you!

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