5 Reasons Why Renting in Austin Makes Sense During the Winter

January 09, 2018

Reasons Why Renting in Austin in Winter.jpgAustin winters are a lot milder than winters up north, but this season still brings plenty of challenges. For most people, caring for a home during the winter months is a challenge. Here are five reasons why renting makes sense during an Austin winter.

1. Attached Garages

When you rent an apartment at Springs at Round Rock or Springs at Lakeline, you can choose a unit with an attached garage. This means you don't have to expose yourself to the chilly winter air when you get up in the morning. Just walk into your warm garage and climb into a warmed-up vehicle. Since Austin can see freezing temps, you won't have to waste precious moments scraping frost off the windshield like you would in a driveway.

2. Gym Facilities

Most people are naturally less active in the winter when the weather is colder. However, apartment communities offer on-site workout facilities so you can fit in a good workout without having to drive to the gym. You can sweat off those extra cookies you enjoyed at the holiday party or get your body ready for your beach vacation without paying extra for a gym membership.

3. Clubhouses

Another side effect of the chilly winter is that people tend to spend more time at home and less time out socializing. This can start to feel a bit isolating, but apartment clubhouses help. You can stop by and meet others in your community and form new friendships. At the clubhouse at Springs apartments, you can also pick up your packages that have been delivered. They don't have to sit outside in the cold until you get home as they would if you lived in a single-family house.

4. On-Site Amenities for Pets

When the temperatures are down, you may not feel like loading your dog into the car and driving across town to a dog park. At Springs apartment communities, you don't have to. The on-site dog parks are the perfect spot for your furry friend to get some exercise, and you can just walk down from your apartment. Keeping your dog active through the winter will keep him in a good mood while also reducing his risk of heart disease and other ailments. And if your dog gets dirty in the dog park, you can take him down to the pet spa for a bath; there's no need to dirty your bathtub.

5. Landscaping

If you were to live in a single-family home, winter would bring lots of landscaping tasks, like trimming trees and picking up fallen branches. When you live in an apartment community, this is all taken care of for you so you can focus on enjoying the holidays and winter season.

When winter comes to Austin, you are better off living in an apartment than a single-family house. Springs residents, do you have any other comments about winter life in Austin? Share your experiences and the conveniences you like best in the comments section below.New Call-to-action

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