Tips for Optimizing Space in a One-Bedroom or Studio Apartment in Austin

Jean Jones
September 01, 2016

Organizing_Studio_Apart_Austin.jpgLiving in a one-bedroom or studio apartment can be comfortable and efficient if you use your space wisely. With a little creative organization, you can pack everything you need into your apartment home without it feeling cluttered or messy.

Here are five tips to help you out:

1. Hang Hooks on the Walls

Stick-on hooks from your local home improvement store are an ingenious way to use wall space. Hang pots and pans in your kitchen, extra blankets in your living room or maybe some small storage baskets by the door—anything you want up and out of the way but still accessible. The best part? The hooks adhere tightly to your walls, and should you decide to move out, you can pull them off without leaving any residue behind.

2. Choose Smaller Furniture

Overstuffed furniture looks comfortable, but it can really cramp your style in a one-bedroom or studio apartment. Choose functional, fashionable smaller-scale furniture to create more open floor space.

3. Store Items Underneath Your Furniture

Don't let the space under your bed, sofa or table go to waste. Stash items you rarely use—like holiday decorations—in boxes or bags underneath these furnishings, and camouflage your clever makeshift storage with a bed skirt or long tablecloth.

4. Get Rid of Duplicates

Many apartment dwellers accumulate possessions over the years but rarely take the time to get rid of the extra items they don't need. How many spatulas do you have? Do you really need six white sweaters? Acquire some “found space” by downsizing your stuff and donate or sell anything that's a duplicate or no longer serves you.

5. Rotate your Clothing

Storing clothing for all seasons in your closet is sure to create a cluttered feel. Try rotating your wardrobe, and pack away the off-season clothing in boxes underneath your bed. You'll maximize closet space and also have a much easier time finding the pieces you're looking for in the morning.

Live creatively and comfortably in your own one-bedroom or studio apartment in Austin. Contact us about our Springs at Round Rock and Springs at Lakeline luxury apartment communities.

Have some favorite tips for making the most of limited space? Comment below.

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