Why an Apartment with a Garage Matters in Austin

November 28, 2017

Advantages of Apartment with Garage in AustinWhen searching for an apartment, you probably have an ideal number of bedrooms in mind. You may have decided on a general location and whether you want to live on the first or second floor. When making these decisions, you should also consider whether you want a garage. Here are five benefits of renting an apartment with a garage in the Austin area.

1. Less Wear and Tear on Your Car

The hot Texas sun can be hard on your car's paint job as it beats down on your vehicle. When parked in a garage, your car is protected from the elements, so it won't be as prone to fading or chipping paint. Plus, your car will stay cleaner in a garage since it won't be exposed to as much street dust. This may mean fewer expensive trips to the car wash.

2. Storage Space for Outdoor Gear

It's hard to live in Austin and not become involved in hiking, cycling or some sort of outdoor activity. These activities come with some pretty dirty, messy gear that you probably don't want to store in your clean apartment. The garages at Springs at Lakeline are the perfect spot for your gear — you can keep it inside without scrubbing it meticulously every time!

3. No Searching for Parking

Nobody enjoys having to drive around the block five times to find a parking spot or parking a half mile from their front door. When you have your own garage, such as at Springs at Round Rock, you know exactly where you can park. Nobody else can take your spot. You don't have to be concerned about parking tickets from accidentally missing a "no parking" sign, either.

4. Comfort As You Come and Go

Austin may not get cold and snowy in the winter, but some of those January mornings are downright chilly! When you lease an apartment with an attached garage, you can go straight from your apartment home into the car without having to walk in the chilly morning air. The same is true when you arrive home late at night. If you're worried about safety, your car lets you skip that sometimes-scary walk from your apartment to your car after dark.

5. Space for Messy Craft Projects

Do you enjoy sewing, making stained glass, sculpting, woodworking, painting or another messy hobby? You really need somewhere to spread out your materials — somewhere that you can leave them for a few days without tripping over them each time you try to eat a meal. Your garage can be that place! You can even store your supplies in the garage so they're ready where you need them.

Leasing an apartment with a garage will make your life so much easier. If you'd like to learn more about the floor plans and garage options at Springs Apartment communities, please contact us today. Current Springs residents, please share how you use your garage space in the comments below.New Call-to-action

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