Decorate in a Day: 8 Small Apartment Updates You Can Make in an Afternoon

June 28, 2017

Apartment Updates that Take an Afternoon

This article originally appeared on the Springs "You're Home Blog."

Now that winter's here, you're probably spending more time at home in your Springs luxury apartment home. Are you finding what looked fresh and fun during the summer has grown old and tired? Don't strain yourself and your budget redoing your decor. Update the look in an afternoon or two with these quick fixes.

1. Give Furniture a Facelift

Maybe you have some large furniture pieces that are looking a little shabby but are still in good shape. Take some leftover paint and add some accents, such as painting the top of a coffee table or the fronts of dresser drawers. The effect is even more striking than giving the piece a whole new coat of paint.

2. Let the Light In

Sunshine is often at a premium during winter months. Give it a helping hand by hanging a mirror opposite a window or adding metallic accessories such as lamps and picture frames. These items will grab and magnify any existing light.

3. Warm Up the Floors

Colorful area rugs are a perfect complement to the hardwood-style floors in our Springs apartment homes, with a much-appreciated bonus of providing softness and warmth underfoot.

4. Hang Some Plants

Green plants are considered almost a mandatory decorating item, but you'll get more mileage if you suspend them in hanging pots to bring depth and movement to your room.

5. Deck the Walls

Decorating the walls is one of the most dramatic ways to instantly change a look. Take advantage of non-permanent options such as removable wallpaper that let you change your look on a whim.

6. Calendars as Art

Who says art has to be expensive? Many calendars have glossy, high-quality pictures that can be trimmed and hung on the walls in a simple frame or mat.

7. IKEA: A Renter's Best Friend

Have you been meaning to add more storage when you can "get around" to it? IKEA is ground zero for inexpensive bookcases, cabinets and cubes. Use them as is or add your own creative touches.

8. Play Handyman

Sometimes ordinary wear and tear can make a place look a little rough around the edges. Take an afternoon to replace burned-out light bulbs, clean furniture stains, and handle any other minor fix-its.

We would love to hear your clever ways to update home decor. Share your ideas in the comments!

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