4 Top Trails to Explore in North Cincinnati

July 19, 2016

Trails_Cincinnati.jpgOhio is brimming with natural beauty, and West Chester and Liberty Township are no exception. Walking and running trails wind through the area, providing some of the best scenery and variety Ohio can offer. However, there are four trails we've found in particular that stand out from the rest:

1. Great Miami River Trail
Butler, Miami, Montgomery, and Warren Counties

It's called "Great" for a reason. Designed by bicycle-maker Horace Huffman Jr, the Great Miami River Trail stretches an incredible 80 miles, and serves as the trunk of a 330-mile network of trails that branch out (stretching through Butler, Miami, Montgomery, and Warren counties). The entirely paved trail follows the banks of the Great Miami River, providing a breathtaking view of the river as well as the rural countryside and the urban cityscape. The trail also acts as a link between shopping districts, historical sites, parks, and suburbs.

2. Sharon Woods Loop Trail
11450 Lebanon Rd

Surrounding a beautiful lake in the Sharonville county park, The Sharon Woods Loop Trail is 2.6 miles of picturesque beauty. The path leads through the woodlands bordering the lake, under roads, and past fields. Golf courses, athletic fields, and picnic areas surround the trail, providing serene surroundings and additional activities for the trail's visitors.

3. Shaker Trace Trail
9001 Mt. Hope Rd
Crosby Township

The Shaker Trace Trail is a paved trail that cuts through Miami Whitewater Forest, the largest county-run park in Hamilton County. The trail leads through a variety of settings and environments, including the park's wetlands, long-grass prairie, and farmland. The 8-mile-long trail begins at the harbor on the park's lake, where you can rent a bike at the boathouse. For those looking for a shorter route, a 1.2 mile loop also starts at the harbor. On top of the beautiful trail, the Miami Whitewater Forest offers several other activities, including boating and horseback riding.

4. Lebanon Countryside YMCA Trail
1699 Deerfield Rd

This winding trail provides scenery of all kinds, ranging from urban to rural. The 8-mile paved pathway leads from the Lebanon Railroad Station in downtown Lebanon to the 78-mile Little Miami Scenic Trail. This hilly trail is perfect for cyclists and runners looking for a challenge, while the scenic variety is also enjoyable.

Have you had a chance to enjoy any of these trails? Is there a personal favorite of yours not listed here? Let us know in the comments below!

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