6 Tips for Choosing Between a 2- and 3-Bedroom Apartment

April 04, 2017

2-and-3-bedroom-apartment-cincinnati.jpgWeighing the pros and cons of two- and three-bedroom apartment homes? Here are some lifestyle elements to consider when making the decision: 

1. Family and Roommates

This is the most clearcut guideline for choosing a specific apartment size. Go with a three-bedroom apartment if:

  • You have two or more children, especially if they're teenagers.
  • You have an elderly parent or other family members living with you.
  • You want to save money and take in a second roommate.

2. Work

Are you part of the more than one-third of Americans who telecommute? A third bedroom makes a valuable office space. If you work at home only occasionally, choose a two-bedroom and use our on-site clubhouses with Wi-Fi as a convenient workspace.

3. Hobbies

Activities such as reading and movie-watching can be done in the living room or bedroom without disrupting the household. Do you have a hobby like sewing or painting that requires more space? A third bedroom lets you have the room and privacy to pursue your favorite activities.

Maybe your hobby involves collecting dolls, comic books or other items. Use a third bedroom to keep your collection organized and out of the way.

4. Furniture and Other Possessions

If you're single or moving into your first apartment, you probably don't have a lot of possessions. Families and people who have been on their own for a while generally accumulate more furniture and other items. A third bedroom can be turned into a man cave or family room, or it could serve as a handy storage unit.

5. Entertaining

Occasional overnight guests can usually make do with the sofa, but if you have frequent visitors who include couples, you'll want to have a more comfortable guest room available.

6. Budget

Rent is likely your largest single expense, so make every dollar count. Carefully evaluate your proposed use for the extra square footage versus the additional amount of rent and be sure it makes sense within your budget.

Use our unique two- and three-bedroom 3D floor plans to determine which option is the right choice for you!

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