How to Choose Between 1- and 2-Bedroom Apartments in Cincinnati

August 08, 2017

1 or 2 Bedroom Apartment CincinnatiWhen you’re exploring new apartment homes, one of the first questions you’ll hear is “How many bedrooms?” Knowing how much space you need is important so you can tour the right units in your search for a new place. If you’re torn between a one- or two-bedroom apartment, ask yourself these four questions.

1. Who is Living with You?

If you’re living alone, a one- or two-bedroom might work equally well. However, if you’re living with a partner or roommate, you’ll want to consider your needs carefully. If you prize your personal space, you won’t want to share a bedroom with a roommate. However, if you’re more concerned with padding your budget, you may be comfortable living dorm-style in our more affordable Springs at Liberty Township units.

If you have a partner to share a bedroom with, consider whether either of you will want additional space for your personal belongings. If you have a large collection of craft supplies that doesn’t feel at home in your newly-shared bedroom, a second room might help you spread out more comfortably.

2. How Do You Like to Entertain?

Do you entertain guests often? Are your gatherings short dinner parties or long weekend visits? If you have a lot of overnight visitors throughout the year, you might enjoy the convenience of a two-bedroom apartment with a guest room. The extra space will save your friends and family from sleeping on the couch or having to pay for a hotel room. This makes it easier to indulge long-term visitors without any worries about stepping on one another’s toes.

3. How Much Time Do You Spend at Home?

If you spend most of your time at work on weekdays and go out with friends on the weekend, your home base will serve primarily as a place to sleep, dress and refuel for the next adventure. You can get by comfortably with a smaller one-bedroom apartment, and funnel what you save in rent into your next big excursion.

If you spend more time at home, a two-bedroom might suit you better, giving you room for all your activities. If you work from home, the second bedroom can serve as your office. As you’re considering your needs, don’t forget to factor in apartment amenities. With perks like a resort-style pool and 24-hour fitness center, our Springs at West Chester community offers plenty to do beyond the bounds of your apartment as well.

4. Do You Need Room to Grow?

Standard apartment leases last for 12 months. Do you expect your family to grow by then? If you’re expecting a little one on the way, a second bedroom will give you the space you need to accommodate your bundle of joy. You might also want an extra room if you’re planning to have a partner move in, so you have extra space to accommodate all of his or her belongings.

Have you recently moved into one of our one- or two-bedroom units? Share your tips for deciding on the best home in the comments section below.New Call-to-action

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