3 Questions to Ask When Considering a 2- or 3-Bedroom Apartment in Corpus Christi

Jean Jones
(February 16, 2016)

2-And-3-Bedroom-Apartments-CC.jpgIf you’re looking at 2- and 3-bedroom apartments but can’t quite decide which would suit you better, you’re not alone. Many people who need two bedrooms are on the fence about the extra flexibility a third bedroom could provide: is it excessive, or extra space they’ll be happy to have? If you’re wavering between two- and three-bedroom models in the Springs Apartments community, answering the following three questions should help you make the best choice for your lifestyle!

1. How Large is My Family?

If you have more than two children, a third bedroom is probably a necessity to ensure everyone has adequate space, but if you have just two, the choice of either a 2- or 3-bedroom apartment really depends on whether or not you want to give them separate bedrooms or have them share. Even if you just have one child, though, you might want to consider a 3-bedroom apartment because of the flexibility it allows. This space could be used as a playroom, a video game room, a study area or a quiet place to do homework. Don’t underestimate the value of extra space to make your whole family feel more comfortable.

2. What Could I Use Extra Space For?

If you’re someone who rarely entertains overnight guests, who doesn’t do work from home, or who doesn’t have a lot of furniture, a two-bedroom unit (or smaller) should be fine. But if you have lots of belongings, you like to spread out when you work or you have family or friends that visit, another bedroom or two will better suit your lifestyle.

For an apartment to really feel like home it’s got to suit you now and into the future, so think beyond today’s needs to factor in activities you might want to pursue, like yoga (set up your own “studio” in that extra bedroom) or a hobby (use the extra bedroom to store all the materials you need).

3. What Does the Budget Look Like?

Take a close look at your budget to determine how much you can afford to pay for an apartment; it’s important to choose a place that’s within your means so you’re comfortable with your monthly rent. If you have so many belongings that only a three-bedroom apartment makes sense but it’s out of your price range, make some critical decisions about what “stuff” you really need and use; if you’ve got more than you need or want, consider making a few bucks by selling what’s no longer useful on Craigslist. Downsizing could make a two-bedroom doable and more affordable!

Choosing an apartment is a big decision. Carefully consider these three factors before you settle on a unit to make sure you’ve found the best option for your needs. Apartment Relocation Guide

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