4 Landmarks of the "Hidden" Corpus Christi

Jean Jones
(July 21, 2015)


Corpus Christi was established in 1839, making it 176 years old. Over that time the city has developed its own personality, including quirks and novelties that may not be known to most of the public. Here are four secrets about Corpus Christi that will qualify you as a true insider.

Eco-Friendly Giant Red Devil

Ordinarily, an oversized statue of the devil is not something that would be considered in a positive light for a local landmark. But the intimidating demon on Leopard Street strikes a blow for recycling with several aluminum cans impaled on his pitchfork. The statue was once part of a ride called "Hell Hole" at an amusement park in Conneault Lake, PA and now stands guard for GIS Recycling.

Whataburger Guy

You have no doubt sampled the deliciousness that is Whataburger on several occasions, but did you know you can enjoy one of their famous burgers in the company of its founder? There is a bronze likeness of Harmon Dobson occupying one side of a bench at 121 N. Shoreline Boulevard, the restaurant's flagship location. If you listen closely, you'll hear him reveal the items on Whataburger's secret menu such as chicken and pancakes, the Hulk superhero-colored drink, and the cult favorite Whatafarm.

Texas Surf Museum

California doesn't have a monopoly on the popular activity of surfing. Corpus Christi is a major location for the practice of this sport, as you'll find when you hang ten at the Texas Surf Museum. Check out unique displays like vintage surfboards and a mural dedicated to the history of surfing in Texas. The museum also hosts traveling exhibits featuring surf-related art and memorabilia.

USS Lexington Sleepover

How many kids have an opportunity to spend the night on an actual vintage aircraft carrier, especially one that's haunted? Youth groups of 15 people or more can participate in overnight "camping" that includes dinner and breakfast trips through the chow line and sleeping in original crew quarters. Traditional activities of ship tours, 3D movies and flag ceremonies give way to the telling of some thrilling ghost stories just in time for lights-out.

Is there a special event or location that represents the essence of Corpus Christi to you? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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