5 Tips for Creating a Pet-Friendly Corpus Christi Apartment

Jean Jones
(August 09, 2016)

Pet-Friendly-Apartment-CC-1.jpgA pet's needs really aren't much different from your own: They want love, comfort and security. The love is easy to provide, so we have some tips to incorporate the others in your pet-friendly Springs at Corpus Christi luxury apartment.

1. Give Him Some "Space"

Your bedroom is your private sanctuary, so doesn't your pet deserve his own space? Select a corner or other appropriate spot to serve as Doggy Central. Put down a bed or large pillow and add blankets, toys and other comfortable, reassuring items. Cats use the entire apartment as their sleeping quarters, but they appreciate scratching posts and small toys to bat around the room. Petco, less than a mile from Springs at Corpus Christi, is like a Disney World for dogs and cats with all the toys and accessories you could imagine.

2. Make the Rounds

As a resident of Springs at Corpus Christi, your pet is a valued member of our community. Take frequent walks with your dog around our grounds and surrounding neighborhood so he becomes familiar with the area. Play dates at our off-leash dog park are a great way for both of you to make new friends.

3. Invest in Quality Food

The days of feeding pets on cut-rate food and table scraps are over. Today we know that an animal's diet is just as important as yours. RK Puppies and More is a popular shop that sells holistic dog food with no additives, preservatives and fillers. Food for small pets and birds is blended in-house to assure top quality. RK also carries a line of natural dog treats and features a showcase filled with pies, cake pops and other dog-friendly baked goods.

4. Create a Daily Schedule

Sharing your home with a pet is a serious commitment. It's not fair to your dog or cat to randomly feed, groom or exercise them when you feel like it. Make a comprehensive list of necessary chores and activities and plan out a regular schedule. For some real pampering, take your dog to Bruno's Bath House, where he can enjoy full grooming along with luxuries such as massages and "pawdicures."

5. Remove Temptation

In some ways, having a pet around is similar to having a child: They both have endless curiosity about their surroundings. Get down on your hands and knees to get a pup's-eye view of power cords, cleaning products and other items that could prove to be dangerously irresistible.

Does your pet have a favorite toy or treat? Tell us about it in the comments!

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