7 More Places You Forget To Clean

(November 10, 2016)


This article originally appeared on the Springs "You're Home Blog."

Cleaning your Springs Apartments home is not a task that most people look forward to. But when you're done and everything looks fresh, it's worth the effort.

Here are some more spots to add to your list of overlooked cleaning chores. Which of these have you missed?

1. Vacuum Cleaner

It may seem redundant to clean a cleaning product, but the poor vacuum cleaner is a repository for all kinds of dust and debris. Empty the vacuum bag frequently to keep it running in good condition. If you have a bagless model, be sure to do a thorough cleaning of the container every three months or so.

2. Cleaning Supplies

Have you ever heard the expression, "A new broom sweeps clean?" It's generally used metaphorically, but it applies literally, too. If you don't clean your broom as well as sponges, dusting cloths and other implements, you end up pushing the same dirt around over and over.

3. Small Appliances

Do you avoid looking in your microwave too closely, hoping the mess will go away if you just ignore it? Cleaning the microwave, coffee maker, garbage disposal and other small appliances will keep them working well, while also preventing a build-up of unpleasant odors.

4. Kitchen Cabinets

You probably wipe down the cabinet doors, but cleaning inside is usually another story. Take some time to review the contents and toss anything that's past its expiration date. When you put everything back, group like items together so that they’re quick and easy to find.

5. Window Blinds

This may be less of a forgotten task and more of an unpleasant one, but it needs to be done. Don't worry about getting one of those special cleaning tools. Simply wipe each slat with a damp cloth and use a clean one to dry.

6. Pictures and Wall Hangings

Dirt, streaks and smears are just as unattractive on picture frames as they are on windows. Be sure to wipe down the tops of the frames and other wall hangings. They're in a perfect position to collect any dust that gets stirred up.

7. Waste Baskets

It's easy to forget about cleaning waste baskets, since they’re generally covered by a liner or trash bag. But there are still pieces of debris that manage to work their way into the basket that need to be washed out. Don't wait until the smell tells you it's time.

Fortunately, your to-do list doesn't include yard work. Our prompt and efficient Springs maintenance teams are on hand to keep the grounds looking good and handle emergencies that may pop up any time of the day or night.

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