Can't Decide Between 1- and 2-Bedroom Apartments in Corpus Christi? 5 Questions to Help You Choose

Jean Jones
(January 05, 2016)

1_and_2_Bedroom_Apartments_CC.jpgOur spacious floor plans at Springs Corpus Christi give you options for both one- and two-bedroom styles. Are you having a hard time choosing which one is best for you? The decision doesn't have to be complicated. Here are five questions to ask yourself about your needs and wants that will reveal the answer.

1. How Would I Use a Second Bedroom?

If you have kids or a roommate, a two-bedroom apartment is a no-brainer. If not, the additional room can provide valuable space as a guest bedroom, office or multi-purpose room. 

2. What is My Lifestyle?

A two-bedroom apartment provides flexibility if you do a lot of entertaining or have out-of-town visitors. If your job involves considerable travel or you're simply away from home frequently, a one-bedroom apartment can be sufficient.

3. How Much Furniture Do I Have?

You may already have a spare bed or sofa, desk, or additional seating that you don't want to sell or put in storage. Our 3D floor plans are a great tool to help you visualize the layout.

If you don't currently have a lot of furniture, consider how likely you are to purchase pieces for a second room in the near future. There's no point in choosing a two-bedroom apartment only to have the extra room sit empty.

4. Does It Fit My Budget?

Weigh the value of the additional room against the difference in rent. Make sure that the use you will get out of the space is a cost-effective trade-off. 

5. Does the Extra Bedroom Tip the Scale?

All of our Springs Corpus Christi luxury apartment homes feature upscale amenities such as breakfast bars, walk-in closets, balconies or patios, washers and dryers, and private entries. Think of a second bedroom as an additional amenity included in your home that can tip the scale between two equally appealing choices.

Whichever option you select at our Springs Corpus Christi community, you can't go wrong. Either way you have the benefits of our on-site management team, 24-hour maintenance service, resort-style pool, state-of-the-art fitness center and several other luxury amenities. Don't hesitate to visit or call our office whenever we can be of any assistance to you!

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