Corpus Christi Pet Shelters That Welcome Volunteers, Adoptions & Support

Jean Jones
(May 19, 2015)


Does your heart break every time you see a dog or cat in need of a good home? Animals can enrich your life with their endless reservoirs of unconditional love. While we welcome most dog and cat breeds at Springs Corpus Christi, you can also volunteer time and donate to these deserving organizations that provide homeless pets with the care they deserve.

Gulf Coast Humane Society (GCHS)
3118 Cabaniss Parkway
Corpus Christi 78415

This organization founded in 1945 is the largest no-kill animal shelter in South Texas. They have dogs and cats of all ages available for adoption along with a foster program for newborns and babies. GCHS also sponsors a senior foster program for older dogs that are less likely to be adopted, where they assume the healthcare costs. Volunteers are accepted to staff local events and assist with community outreach programs as well as to care for the pets onsite.

P.A.L.S. Animal Shelter
1101 Navigation Boulevard
Corpus Christi 78407

P.A.L.S. is another no-kill shelter that is funded exclusively by contributions. In addition to offering dogs and cats for adoption, they sell fresh eggs from chickens that they keep onsite. Volunteer opportunities include caring for the shelter animals as well as performing maintenance duties such as mowing and weeding the lawn and trimming trees.

People Assisting Animal Control (PAAC)
5804 Ayers Street
Corpus Christi 78415

PAAC has a mission to decrease euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals and to support and fund animal care and community education. Their facility includes a low-cost vaccination clinic and a high-volume spay and neuter clinic to assist with wellness care and help reduce the overpopulation problem. Donations earn you a "Paws on the Wall" in the name of a pet, family member or anyone you choose. Pets are available for adoption onsite and they also have $10 cat and kitten adoptions seven days a week at PETCO.

Corpus Christi Animal Care Services (CCACS)
2626 Holly Road
Corpus Christi 78415

CCACS is a division of the Corpus Christi Police Department dedicated to investigating animal cruelty cases, educating the community about responsible animal ownership and rescuing unwanted, abused and abandoned pets. They have a flat-rate $25 adoption fee for all animals which includes up-to-date vaccinations, city licensing, microchipping and spay or neuter surgery. Volunteer opportunities include dog walking, grooming and assisting in the vet clinic. They are also starting a Pet Care Explorer program to encourage high school and college students to consider veterinarian and animal care careers.

We love to hear animal stories. What makes your dog or cat special? Tell us about it in the comments!

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