Did You Know…? 10 Surprising and Delightful Facts About Corpus Christi

Jean Jones
(June 23, 2015)

Delightful_Facts_About_Corpus_ChristiThere is far more to a city than what you can see on a map. Corpus Christi has a number of fascinating "personality traits" that add up to its unique identity. How far have you looked below the surface? We've compiled a list of some surprising features to help you become better acquainted with the true Corpus Christi.

1. Corpus Christi is the REAL "Windy City"

The Lake Michigan winds that cross Chicago can't hold a candle to the ones coming off the Gulf to envelope Corpus Christi.

2. Tourism is One of the Top Industries

Approximately five million people head to Corpus Christi each year to enjoy its pleasant weather, variety of beaches and access to boating and other water activities.

3. Higher Education Includes Island Life 

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi is situated on Ward Island in Oso Bay. The amazing views might make it hard to keep your mind on your studies.

4. Speaking of Islands…

Director Michael Bay chose to film Pearl Harbor in Corpus Christi because its natural beauty that makes it a believable stand-in for Hawaii.

5. Talk (and Act) Like A Pirate

The popular Buccaneers Days festival draws nearly half the city to participate in rodeos, BBQs, parades, kids' activities and plenty of bad puns. 

6. Home to the Stars

The late Selena and Farrah Fawcett, along with Eva Longoria and Lou Diamond Phillips, are just some of the celebrities who have called Corpus Christi home at one point in their lives.

7. Kayaks Are Viable Means of Transportation

All the water in and around Corpus Christi is a blessing for kayak enthusiasts, who take advantage of any opportunity to explore the wonders of nature from these low-profile vessels.

8. Horseback Riding on the Beach!

You'll feel like a character from a movie as you ride atop a horse galloping gracefully across the beach, wind blowing through your hair.

9. The Great American Pastime is Alive and Well

Where else could you watch a baseball game at a stadium named after a beloved fast-food restaurant? Catch the Hooks in action at Whataburger Field.

10. Live Like a Tourist Every Day

Visitors from all over the country flock to the Corpus Christi Seawall for its access to restaurants, hotels and other attractions along with the chance to enjoy some of the most stunning scenery anywhere. As a resident, you have this amazing site at your disposal anytime.

If you’re looking for ideas about some of the great things you can do in Corpus Christi, be sure to talk to our Springs Apartments Corpus Christi office team. These folks are real local experts about the area and they’re always more than happy to share their knowledge about the area with you.

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