Investigate These Haunted Corpus Christi Spots

Jean Jones
(July 14, 2015)


Do you love a good ghost story? Corpus Christi has a few to share with you. We've unburied some of the most notable haunted spots around the city for you to investigate. Be sure to take a friend along!

Wilson Plaza
606 N. Carancahua

There is a lot of shady business going on in this office building, but it has nothing to do with the human occupants. Wilson Plaza was originally known as the Nixon Building back in 1927, when it was the first skyscraper on the Corpus Christi skyline. People have reported glimpses of shadowy figures, unexplained noises, and the feeling of being watched. In addition, the elevators make random stops while doors and doorknobs move on their own. 

USS Lexington
2914 Shoreline Boulevard

This famous Corpus Christi landmark was also known as the "Blue Ghost," and that nickname could just as easily refer to the supernatural activity that takes place on board. Rumor has it that the ship is home to the spirits of an engine room operator and other crew members who died during wartime. Visitors have seen apparitions who are likely behind the mysterious slamming of doors and lights turning off. 

Blackbeard's on the Beach
3117 Surfside Boulevard

You're never dining alone at this popular waterfront restaurant. The nameless ghost who haunts Blackbeard's is the type known as a poltergeist, who loves to play pranks like opening doors and moving salt shakers. One explanation is that the poltergeist is the spirit of a man who died in a long-ago bar fight waged over a red-headed woman. Blackbeard's is proud of its haunted reputation and allowed access to Corpus Christi Ghosthunters, who captured a video of an apparition wandering the back dining area after hours.

Days Inn/Knights Inn
901 Navigation Boulevard

Unlike other haunted locations, Days Inn (now Knights Inn) prefers to downplay its status due to the tragic circumstances of origin. This is the hotel where beloved Tejana singer Selena was killed by her agent/manager in 1995. The room number was changed from 158 to 150 in an effort to minimize attention, but visitors have reported a faint sound of music along with the smell of roses.

Have you visited any of these haunted sites? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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