Moving Cross-Town or Around the Block? 7 Tips for Moving Short Distances

Jean Jones
(May 17, 2016)

Short-Distance-Move-CC.jpgMoving a short distance is kind of like writing a term paper. You put it off until the last minute, thinking it will be a piece of cake, then all of a sudden you're scrambling to get it done.

Even if you're simply moving from one apartment home to another in our Springs at Corpus Christi community, it can be a bigger job than you anticipate. We're letting you in on some expert tips for planning and executing a short distance move like a pro.

1. Take an Accurate Inventory

When taking stock of your possessions, it's a natural tendency to consider only the items that you use on a regular basis. Then you actually start packing, and your home becomes a bottomless pit of "stuff." Multiply your best estimate by three to leave room for everything squirreled away in cabinets and drawers, closets and other storage areas.

2. Don't Forget Boxes

Since you're traveling only a short distance, you might think it's just as easy to toss things into your car or truck. Boxes are still the best way to keep items safe and organized. In addition, you may be underestimating how much longer it takes when you have to carry items individually.

3. Move in Stages

In some cases, you’ll have access to your new apartment before your official move-out date. If so, it's a great opportunity to start moving items like seasonal clothing, small appliances and artwork or other decor pieces.

4. Plan a Midweek Move

Most people move on the weekend, but if you're moving a short distance you may be able to schedule it for a weekday. This is particularly helpful if you're renting a truck or other moving accessories, since you can often get better rates for non-peak times and there won't be as much urgency to get everything back right away.

5. Work Out a Rough Floor Plan

Have a general idea where all the big furniture pieces will go. You can then place them as they're unloaded so you won't have to move them later, or navigate around boxes and other obstacles. Our 3D floor plans are perfect for designing your new layout.

6. Stock the Fridge

Before the move, pick up some beverages and put them in the refrigerator at your new place. You won't have to take time out in the middle of the move to make a run for refreshments.

7. Pack Essentials Separately

Once you're moved in, the last thing you'll feel like doing is hunting through boxes for towels, coffee makers and other items you need for that first night and morning. Assemble all the essentials into one or two well-marked boxes and keep them in an easily accessible place.

What is the shortest or longest distance you’ve ever moved? Share your answers in the comments!

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