The Cost of Living in Corpus Christi (compared to other cities)

Jean Jones
(April 14, 2015)


Apartment homes like the ones at Springs at Corpus Christi have tangible features and amenities such as washers and dryers, walk-in closets and a pool that add to their value. There are also intangible factors that make a community a desirable place to live. One of the most important ones is cost of living.

Do you know where Corpus Christi ranks in relation to the rest of the United States? Let's take a look at a comparison of some of the major yardsticks.

Cost of Living Indexes

Sperling's Best Places ranks cities on a scale that uses 100 as par to represent a category's average across the country. The difference above or below that mark is an indicator of costs being relatively higher or lower. 

Corpus Christi comes in at 84 in Overall cost, placing it much lower. Housing (66) is a particularly good value, and Grocery (81.9) and Health (86) are at moderate levels.

How Does Corpus Christi Compare to Other Texas Cities?

Our country is so vast that cost of living varies greatly from area to area as elements such as geographic accessibility affect pricing. Comparing Corpus Christi to other cities in the state can give a closer picture.

  • Dallas is 26% more expensive to live in than Corpus Christi. It would take an income of $63,000 to equal the standard of living with $50,000 in Corpus Christi. The biggest difference is housing, which is 78% more costly in Dallas.
  • Austin matches Dallas in terms of being 26% more expensive and requiring an income of $63,000. However, that city's housing is a whopping 103% more expensive than in Corpus Christi.
  • While the difference with Houston is slightly less, it would still take $59,000 in that city to match the buying power of $50,000 in Corpus Christi. Houston is 16% more expensive overall, with housing equaling 61% more.

Quality of Living in Corpus Christi gives Corpus Christi a score of 78 on their scale, which equates to extremely livable, based on qualities such as high graduation rates and pleasant weather. It scores a perfect A+ on cost of living and amenities, which considers the number of services and attractions located within convenient distance.

Our team at Springs Apartments loves being part of such a positive community and we encourage you to explore the advantages of living in Corpus Christi. 

Please tell us about your favorite part of living in Corpus Christi!

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