Two Great Places to Shop Healthy in Corpus Christi

Jean Jones
(January 19, 2016)

Shop_Healthy_CC.jpgIf you’re interested in healthy, organic groceries, you may feel the choices are a bit lacking at your traditional grocery stores. However, Corpus Christi does offer two outstanding choices that offer a wide range of nutritious options.

1. Corpus Christi Downtown Farmers' Market
100 Shoreline Blvd

Though you’ll have to schedule your shopping around the farmer’s market’s limited hours, the Corpus Christi Downtown Farmers' Market offers a unique opportunity to get a little closer to the source of your food. The market is open every Wednesday from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Art Center of Corpus Christi — just 20 minutes from Springs Apartments.

At the market, you’ll find fresh local produce, eggs, and meat. Other locally produced goods include honey, fresh baked breads, jams, and jellies. As an added bonus, you’ll enjoy live music and have the chance to browse pieces from local artisans at the market. The farmer’s market is about more than just filling your pantry, though it will certainly do that. This is a unique experience to get to know others in your community and meet the people who are helping put food on your table.

2. Sprouts Farmers Market
1440 Airline Road

Sprouts Farmers Market operates on a foundation of responsible retailing. This includes sourcing products from a sustainable supply chain with ethical practices, building energy efficient retail locations, and minimizing waste through recycling and composting. If you’re looking for healthy food that’s equally healthy for the environment, it’s clear that Sprouts is committed to filling this need.

Located just three miles from Springs at Corpus Christi, you’ll find healthy organic food that includes produce, gourmet cheese, an olive bar, gourmet coffee, fresh baked goods, and full-service deli, seafood, and meat counters.

Whether you’re looking for gluten free ready-to-eat meals, pre-made burgers, or wholesome ingredients to begin cooking dinner from scratch, you’ll find everything you need. The store carries numerous Sprouts Brand products that are produced with the company’s signature commitment to sustainability and responsibility.

If you’re interested in changing up the way you eat, fill your kitchen with wholesome, organic finds from these healthy markets. You’ll have a wide array of mouthwatering options packed into your Corpus Christi apartment in no time.

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