"Expecting" a New Dog or Cat? 9 Ways to Pet-Proof Your Johnstown Apartment

Jan 23, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Ways to Pet Proof your Denver ApartmentCongratulations! You're bringing a new dog or cat into your pet-friendly Springs Denver luxury apartment home. Keep in mind that a four-legged roommate requires more preparation than a human one.

Use this checklist to make sure your precious pet's new home is a safe one.

1. Keep It Clean

Curious pets are like babies: a pet will test unfamiliar things by putting them in its mouth. Before you bring your new pet home, sweep and vacuum thoroughly and remove any clutter on or near the floors. Get in the habit of cleaning frequently to minimize risk from dangerous objects and substances.

2. Secure Cabinets

Pets can be surprisingly clever, so don't assume that drawers and cabinets are safe. Child-proof latches and locks also work to keep nosy cats and dogs from snooping.

3. Cover Trash Cans

Thanks to their strong sense of smell, dogs are often drawn toward trash cans. Be on the safe side and switch to a trash can with a lid. Some of them have convenient foot pedals for hands-free opening.

Don't forget the bathroom! That trash can may not contain food, but you don't want to come home to a trail of shredded tissues and cotton swabs.

4. Create a Safe Zone

Cats can always find comfy spots to curl up in, but dogs need a space they can call their own. Set up a specific corner with a dog bed, toys and other familiar items that will help your dog feel secure.

5. Hide Cords and Wires

Cords and wires are irresistible targets for teething puppies. Take steps to make cords and wires inaccessible, such as covering them, hiding them out of sight or raising them out of reach.

6. Close the Lid

Pets are attracted to toilets because they're a ready source of water that's always cold, but they could also be ingesting cleaning chemicals. In addition, toilets are a main location for dangerous pet accidents. Make it a regular practice to keep the lid down at all times.

7. Use Non-Toxic Plants

Houseplants are colorful and eco-friendly, but some of them are poisonous to animals. Fortunately, there are a number of non-toxic plants that add a touch of nature without harming your pet.

8. Provide Scratching Areas

Don't want your cat grooming her claws on furniture, rugs and other available surfaces? There are a number of easy and inexpensive options for scratching posts and platforms.

9. Maintain an Emergency List

In case of emergency, you won't want to waste valuable time searching for numbers. Make a list of contact information for the vet, pet emergency room and dog sitter, whether professional or a trusted friend.

We love pets! All of our Springs Denver luxury apartment communities permit up to two dogs and/or cats as well as a wide variety of other animals, including birds, fish and even reptiles.

Stop in and learn more about our generous pet-friendly policy from a cheerful member of our Springs on-site management team.New Call-to-action

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