Des Moines and Waukee Apartment Residents, Start Your Gardens!

May 15, 17

Floral celebration of spring Marvelous multicolored extravaganza of tulip hybrids in a massive garden bed.jpeg Sometimes people new to apartment living—along with some long-time apartment renters—think that a garden is not possible, or at least not practical. The fact is that many apartment residents plant and enjoy gardens of all kinds that thrive. And there are many kinds of apartment-friendly gardens that you can enjoy when living in Des Moines or Waukee. You are going to love the all the creativity that goes into apartment gardening projects. With the right spirit and supplies from your local gardening center while living in Waukee, your garden in your new apartment may be your favorite living patch of earth ever. 

Visit Local Garden Experts for Your Des Moines or Waukee Apartment Gardening Project

If you are scratching your head and wondering how to get started while looking at your garden plot—whether in your private outdoors space or in your creative indoor space—you might start by visiting the Greater Des Moines Botanical Gardens for some serious inspiration and information.

Additional amazing resources that our Iowa residents have found are our many treasured area garden centers. Not only will you find knowledgeable plant-loving staff at these green wonderlands, but you are just as likely to run into regular customers happy to offer a tip or two. Whether you are unsure about optimal seed-planting dates for Waukee and Des Moines, or if you simply need new containers, gloves, or a spade, our many local garden centers can help. 

If you are new to this region of Iowa—or if you are new to gardening—it might help to learn about some of our local garden centers that can help you discover all the joys of apartment gardening in the area. 

Earl May Seed & Nursery 

Only a mile away from the Springs at Waukee in Waukee, this garden center is one of several additional nearby branches you can visit. Earl May Seed & Nursery features several Iowa location that offer you an equal balance of practical tips, ideas and inspiration to plant your dream apartment garden. The staff can help you figure out the different types of containers that are best for small-space gardens, the benefits and strategies of vertical gardening, and the plants with the ability to add the most fresh oxygen to indoor air. 

Miller Nursery 

Miller Nursery features a more than 50-year history in the region. With its foundation in landscaping, the staff at Miller truly understands the big picture when it comes to creating and cultivating a special green space, no matter what the size. For our residents living in Des Moines, Miller Nursery is a 14-mile drive, and for community members living in Waukee, the trek is 12-miles. The trip is worth it when you get the chance to talk to seasoned experts in shrubs and perennials. 

Goode Greenhouses 

The jam-packed plant catalog alone is worth the trip to Goode Greenhouses. This family business has been in operation since 1905, and its primary goals are to provide local residents with the perfect plants for their space, the right equipment to maintain their plants, and personalized customer service. 

Bentley Ridge Tree Farm & Nursery 

Our Springs at Jordan Creek in West Des Moines community members only have an eight-mile trip to this garden center. Bentley Ridge commits great effort to understanding each customer's unique garden space, as well as associated goals and challenges. 

Start Your Apartment Garden with Confidence and Support

We want you to feel as comfortable in your new apartment as possible, as soon as possible. Many of our community members find it easier to settle in with some flowers, house plants, and fruits and vegetables growing nearby. If you need more ideas on how to make apartment gardening a success, we hope you will reach out to us for our own ideas and additional professional resources.  

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