Dog Etiquette for Apartment Communities in Des Moines

October 05, 16

Dog-Etiquette-DM.jpgFurry friends can make any apartment feel more warm and welcoming, but there are some special considerations to keep in mind when you’re living in an apartment community with a pet. Use the following tips to make sure your pets are polite residents:

1. Walk with the Short Leash Rule

While walking your dog, keep the leash short so your dog stays close to your side in open areas. This will help residents who are nervous around animals feel more comfortable. Practice makes perfect with animals, so try to stick to the short leash rule even when you’re walking on trails and sidewalks outside our community so that your dog gets used to this approach.

2. Give Your Pup Time to Run

While regular walks are a great way to get outside with your dog, most pups also need ample time and space to run. Your apartment home isn’t always large enough to accommodate your pet’s needs, and that’s why our Springs communities have leash-free, fenced playgrounds. This is a great place for your dog to meet other community pets and burn off some energy.

3. Never Leave a Mess

Cleaning up after your dog is an essential courtesy for fellow residents. Purchase a handy baggie carrier that clips right onto your pet’s leash, so you can pick up waste promptly. Our Springs communities use a doggie DNA program to identify offenders if waste is left out around the community, so you won’t want to neglect this basic duty.

4. Invest in Necessary Training

If your dog is having behavior issues, invest in professional training to help them overcome these problems. Dogs who bark excessively are one of the top complaints in the close confines of an apartment community, but beyond that training can help if your dog struggles with walking on a leash or doesn’t play nice with other pets.

What are your tips for keeping dogs happy and comfortable in an apartment community? Share with our Springs at Waukee and Springs at Jordan Creek residents in the comments section below!

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