Fast, Convenient Storage for Your Des Moines Apartment

November 02, 16

Apartment_Storage-DM.jpgFrom clothing to kitchenware, "stuff" seems to multiply quickly once you get settled in an apartment home. Springs Apartments homes are designed to offer an abundance of storage space, but it can take some finesse and attention to detail to maximize your use of that space. Consider the following six storage solutions that can help you out:

1. Add Extra Storage to Closets

Add a small, stackable shelving unit to the inside one of your closets, and suddenly you have even more space to use to keep things organized. You can also use undershelf baskets, which slide in and out on plastic tracks, to create more storage space in a cabinet. Consider placing a narrow bookcase or shelving unit to one side in an entry or hall closet, and use it for storing boots, winter hats, and other similar items.

2. Choose Furniture With Hidden Storage

Make all of your furniture purchases with storage in mind, and you'll end up with fewer items stacked haphazardly on your tables and dressers. So, instead of purchasing a standard footstool, choose an ottoman with storage space inside. And rather than putting a simple table at the base of your bed, consider opting for a chest to store blankets or out-of-season clothing.

3. Use the Backs of Your Doors

You've probably seen those over-the-door plastic shoe organizers with numerous pockets for shoes. These organizers don’t have to be for shoes, as you can use them to store toiletries in the bathroom, extra socks and scarves in your bedroom, or even small gadgets like measuring cups and serving spoons in the kitchen.

4. Put Bookshelves in Your Garage

While the garage is the perfect place to store hiking boots, baseball equipment, and other outdoorsy items, they can easily get piled up without a good way to store them. Purchase an inexpensive bookshelf and place it against one wall in your garage. You can even label the shelves so you can quickly tell where items are supposed to be stored.

5. Use Baskets on Tables

While a collection of small items strewn about on the living room table looks messy, a stylish basket can keep these items neat and still within reach. You can place these baskets on your coffee and dining tables so you have a convenient place to toss things like playing cards, lighters, keys, and mail.

6. Make Use Of Space Under The Bed

Purchase flat, rolling plastic storage containers that are made specifically to slide under the bed, and use them to store special occasion wear or seasonal clothing. This will make it easier to see and access the items in your closet.

How have you maximized storage space in your Springs at Jordan Creek or Springs at Waukee apartment home? If so, share some ideas with us in the comments below!

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