How to Fall Back in Love with your Des Moines Apartment in 4 Easy Steps

March 01, 17

how-to-fall-back-in-love-with-your-des-moines-apartment-in-4-easy-steps-630819-edited.jpgAs winter wears on in Des Moines, it’s easy to get cabin fever from too much time indoors. If you’re starting to feel finicky about your apartment, it’s time to change things up and remind yourself of all there is to love in your living space. Use these strategies to fall for your apartment all over again and create a warm home that’s easy to love.

1. Add Fresh Entertainment

Have you been stuck inside too long relying on fallbacks like Netflix binges with pizza and popcorn? If your regular routines are feeling a bit stale, try some new activities to keep your time in the apartment interesting. Clear off a coffee table and start a challenging puzzle. Add some new gadgets to the kitchen and experiment with gourmet dining at home. Create a quiet corner for meditation or find room for a yoga mat and work on a new fitness routine. With engaging new pastimes to enjoy, you’ll find plenty to love in your apartment.

2. Spice Up Your Space

You don’t need to invest in expensive décor to dress up your apartment space. Try a few throw pillows, a new poster, or a fresh lamp to make your home brighter. If you’re yearning for warm weather and blue skies, start bringing colorful bouquets into the apartment. Try adding some houseplants for a year-round touch of green. Even something as simple as rearranging the furniture can make your space feel like new.

3. Get Warm and Cozy

The last lingering weeks of winter often feel like the longest of all. Make the most of the chill by using it as an excuse to cozy up with warm delights. Set up a hot chocolate bar with friends for a fun Friday night. Add soft plush blankets to your couch or bed to create a warm retreat. Indulge in soft slippers, slow cooker soups and other winter delights to make the most of the season.

4. Take Care of Old To-Dos

Do you have unfinished tasks that never seem to make it off your to-do list? Take the time to cross these off now before fresh spring breezes draw you out and away from home. Make a point of addressing small maintenance tasks for a weekend, like replacing light bulbs, hiding extension cords, laundering curtains and dusting the woodwork. These simple jobs will give you a refreshing sense of accomplishment and ownership over your beautiful living space.

What are your favorite strategies for creating a lovable apartment home? Share your tips and tricks with other residents in the comments section below.

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