It's A Dog's Life: 5 Things to Look for in a Pet-Friendly Des Moines Apartment

February 01, 17


Your pet may be a member of the family, but there are additional considerations for animal "residents." Our Springs luxury apartment communities have liberal pet policies, and here are some relevant tips to ensure a happy residence for all.


1. Be Clear About Applicable Deposits and Fees

Accidents happen, even with seemingly innocent animals. A one-time pet deposit against possible damages is payable up-front and is separate from a modest monthly fee that may be added to your rent.

2. Home, Sweet Cage

You may find your parakeet or snake completely adorable, but your neighbors may not have the same reaction if they have an encounter. All birds and exotic pets should be kept in a cage, tank or aquarium.

3. Have Appropriate Insurance Coverage

Check your renters insurance policy and be sure to update liability coverage to include your pet. We do ask for proof of liability coverage for all dogs, and large fish tanks or aquariums may also require additional coverage.

4. Man's Best Friend

Springs at Jordan Creek and Springs at Waukee are two of the rare Des Moines apartment communities that allow almost all dog breeds, with only four on the restricted list. Certain large breeds such as malamute and German shepherd are welcome with the following conditions:

  • Proof of successful obedience training
  • A pet "interview" with a member of our on-site management team.

Current vaccination records are also required for all dogs, regardless of breed, and we ask for photos of all pets for our files.

5. The Good Neighbor Policy

While we love pets, they have the same responsibility you do to be good neighbors. PAWS, an animal advocacy group based in the Pacific Northwest, offers the following suggestions for proper pet etiquette:

  • Make sure your pet doesn't cause any damage to your apartment. If damage does occur, let us know immediately and be prepared to pay for any necessary repairs.
  • Keep your dog from barking. If you're having trouble, consider some sessions with a professional dog trainer.
  • Your pet should be under your control at all times. Don't let cats or dogs roam free on the grounds. Both of our Springs Des Moines communities have leash-free dog parks so Fido can get plenty of outdoor activity.

Don't put your pet's residence at risk by making assumptions. When in doubt about any pet-related issue, please talk to the helpful members of our on-site management team.

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