New School Year Survival Guide for Des Moines Students and Parents

August 24, 16

New_School_Year_DM.jpgWith the kids (and maybe even yourself) back in school, it's easy to get overwhelmed with the busy schedule and added responsibilities. Between homework, school functions, and early mornings, you need to have a game plan to ensure everything goes smoothly and you still have time for fun. Here are some simple tips that will help:

Have Grab-and-go Breakfasts Ready in the Fridge

Maximize sleep time by pre-making a week’s worth of handy breakfast meals on Sunday nights. Mix up some fruit and yogurt parfaits to store in your fridge. In the morning, just add a scoop of granola for a nutritious day-starter your kids can enjoy while waiting for the bus. No yogurt fans? Fresh fruit, granola bars and microwave-ready breakfast sandwiches also make great grab-and-go breakfasts.

Set Up a Study Corner in Your Apartment Home

Kids study more efficiently in a space separated from distractions like the television or their siblings. Set up a corner in your apartment with a desk, a comfortable chair and study supplies; and, enforce a family rule that nobody else is allowed to disturb the person using the study corner.

Create a Meal Plan

At the end of a long day, it can be tough to decide what to make for dinner, especially when there are more school-related activities coming up that evening. Each weekend, take a look at your schedule for the coming week and create a meal plan. Choose quick meals like tacos and spaghetti for nights when you'll be busy, and more involved meals on nights you have some downtime. Be sure to go shopping well in advance to ensure you have all the ingredients you need, too.

Schedule "Study Break" Activities

You'll all have an easier time staying mentally focused if you schedule in a few fun family activities throughout the school year, like these events coming up in the Des Moines area:

  • Pedal For the House Bike Ride: This event on August 27 helps support Ronald McDonald House Charities. Join others for a ride down the High Trestle Trail, followed by a silent auction and raffle.

  • Cinderella's Ball: Held at Glamour Girls Dress-Up Parties on Sunday, September 11, this ball gives your kids a chance to join in a real life fairytale as they dress up, enjoy snacks, and pose for photos.

Did we miss any of your best school year survival tips for students and/or parents? Fill us in using the comments below!

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