When To Move Into Your Apartment?

July 17, 17

11_Moving_Tips.jpgThe summer months are prime moving time with about 70 percent of moves occurring in the three months in between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend. As popular as this time frame is though, when the thermometer rises, moving can be tough. We've gathered a few tips that are designed to make moving in Des Moines, Waukee or West Des Moines during these sweltering summer months more bearable. 

1. Set an early start time

Early morning moves are your friend during the blistering summer months. With the intensity of the sun's heat and UV rays reaching their highest during the hours of 11 AM and 3 PM. Avoiding that time frame and moving during the early morning hours could mean that the temperatures are at least 10 degrees cooler. If you're using a moving company, try to get their earliest morning slot or opt for a different day if they aren't able to do that. 

2. Hook up the utilities before you move

Whether you're moving to Springs at Jordan Creek in West Des Moines or Springs at Waukee in Waukee, arrange to have your utilities switched over to your name or turned on before your move-in day. Doing so will give you and your movers a respite from the sweltering heat of the day. You'll be able to concentrate more easily on tackling the unpacking and rearranging of boxes if you aren't sweating profusely while doing so. 

3. Pack with the heat in mind

Successfully moving during a heat wave actually starts well before moving day. While you're packing, remember that some of your belongings are not going to fare as well in the hot as others. Items that are prone to melting during extreme heat, as well as those -- like electronics -- whose operation could be adversely affected by spending hours on a hot moving truck, should be packed separately. Be sure to designate that these items should be taken into your new apartment home first. 

4. Prepare for no air conditioning on move-in day

In some cases, it might not be possible to arrange for the air conditioning to be fully functioning when you move in. If you know that it won't be -- or even if you aren't sure -- be prepared. Portable fans can be purchased for as little as $10 at some stores so bringing a couple with you can really make a difference. Have some cold towels prepared and at the ready. Fill a cooler with ice before stashing several damp rolled and folded washcloths inside. Above all, be sure to pack plenty of water for everyone involved. 

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