First Impressions — 6 Tips For a Successful Move-in Inspection

May 18, 2017

Successful-Move-In-Inspection.jpgIf you're leasing your own place for the first time, you might be too excited to let anything slow you down, but the move-in inspection is more than just a "pesky detail." It affects the eventual return of your deposit as well as your overall satisfaction with your luxury apartment home.

Whether you're a newbie to renting or a veteran who just needs a refresher, here are some helpful tips to conducting a successful move-in inspection.

1. Don't Be Shy

First-time renters are often reluctant to pay attention to details for fear of appearing picky or rude. Good management teams actually prefer that you speak up. The more thorough you are in the beginning, the less likely you are to have problems or disagreements in the future.

2. Two's Company

Unless circumstances make it absolutely impossible, which is rare, you should always have a member of the management team accompany you on the walk-through. Two sets of eyes are better than one, and the staff member will be able to advise you on which conditions are repairable and which ones are acceptable.

3. Write It Down

Most management teams will have a comprehensive checklist for you to document the condition of the apartment with copies for both of you. If you like, you may also want to take notes for your own use, either digitally with a tablet or old-school with paper and pen.

4. Pictures Tell the Story

With a camera as close as your phone, there's no excuse to miss the valuable step of taking pictures. Get a complete set showing each room as well as close-ups of any details, such as carpet stains or broken cabinets, that may be in question.

5. Save the Date

If you and the management team member conclude that there are repairs to be made, agree on a specific completion date and note it in your records, which should then be signed by both of you.

6. Don't-Miss Areas

When you're reviewing an apartment, features such as carpets, windows and walls are obvious points of interest. Here are some equally important areas people often forget to check:

  • Kitchen appliances (Do the oven and burners work? Is the refrigerator running?)
  • Plumbing (Do all faucets have both hot and cold water? Does the toilet flush properly? How is the water pressure in the shower?)
  • Smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers
  • Electricity (Do light switches and outlets work? Are any switchplates or outlet covers missing?)
  • Window and door locks, including exterior doors

At Springs, your comfort and satisfaction are so important to us that we will release you from your lease for any reason within 30 days of move-in. Stop in today and learn more about the Springs Apartments Pledge from a friendly member of our on-site management team!New Call-to-action

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