4 Tips for Using Yelp to Find a Luxury Apartment in New Orleans

October 26, 2016

Use_Yelp_to_find_Apt-NOLA.jpgUsing Yelp for your apartment search can connect you with previous and current residents, give you an inside peek at the apartment community, and provide a solid base of information to help you narrow down your options. Keep these tips handy the next time you use Yelp to find a luxury apartment home.

1. Stick to Recent Reviews

An apartment community can change a lot over the course of a few years, so be sure to look for reviews that have been posted within the last year—and preferably in the past few months—for the most reliable information.

2. Read the Responses

Apartment management will often respond to reviewers on Yelp, especially any potentially negative ones. Pay close attention to the tone of the response, since you don’t want to live in a community where management fails to respond or replies negatively to reported problems. On the other hand, if the community manager responds with empathy and offers reasonable solutions, this is a good indicator that the community’s management is responsible.

3. Scroll Past the Perfect Photos

The first few photos you’ll see on a Yelp page are typically posted by the apartment community itself. Be sure to also check out any pictures from actual reviewers to get a firsthand look at the apartment community as well.

4. Take Notes as You Go

Online review sites are only the first stage of your apartment search, so try to take notes on the communities you’re considering before your live visit. These notes will serve as a helpful reminder of potential issues you want to investigate. Keep an eye out for current indicators of ongoing issues. If you noticed several complaints about garbage sitting outside the dumpster, for example, be sure to look for yourself during your onsite visit.

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