7 Tips for Finding and Choosing the Best Apartment in New Orleans

Jean Jones
September 14, 2015

Finding_Apartment_Tips_NOLASo you've landed that new job in New Orleans or you got that promotion that will let you move into something a little more grown up. How do you find your new apartment home that will meet your living needs as well as your intangible needs? Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Start With Your Priorities and Deal Breakers
Take some time to think about the aspects of an apartment that are most important to you. Does your best friend come with four legs and a collar? Then one of your priorities must be a pet-friendly policy. At Springs at Fremaux Town Center, we not only allow dogs, but we offer a fenced dog play area where your buddy can get some exercise.

2. Get Out of Your Car or Off the Bus
Once you have identified the neighborhoods that work best for you, go for a walk. When you get out and wander around, you can truly get to know an area. You can hear the noises that may be lyrical to your ears or an all out assault on your senses. You can smell the smells and get an up-close look at the things that make a place unique.

3. Pay Attention to Routes to Work

Check out the routes to where you work and determine if you have the easy highway access you need. For instance, when you’re living at Springs at Fremaux Town Center, you simply have to take the Town Center Parkway to either I-10 or US Highway 11. And of course, if your work requires you to fly, access to I-10 makes getting to Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport as smooth as an old jazz riff.

4. Consult a Resource Guide

Take advantage of a resource guide, like the Ultimate Apartment Search Guide, that will provide you with ideas for evaluating apartment locations, ways you can rate and prioritize features and amenities, and potential questions that you should ask apartment management.

5. Ask Questions About the Boring Things

The 24-hour fitness center is a fantastic part of an apartment community, but will there be a maintenance man available to fix your dripping faucet? Find out how available management will be so if you need help, you can get it taken care of and have your questions answered quickly.

6. Ask Questions About Policies

If a unique decor is important to you, then you should know what’s allowed inside the apartment. Can you paint? Can you put nails in the wall to hold your Mardi Gras mask collection? Also, find out what the community rules are?

7. Make Sure You Understand the Lease Options

When is the rent payment due? What happens if you need to move before your lease is up? What if you want a roommate later on? Whether it’s a long-term lease or a short-term lease, make sure you understand everything you’re agreeing to when you sign.

Know of any other helpful tips to make the search easier? Share them in the comment section below.

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