How to Evaluate Pet-Friendly Apartments in New Orleans

November 02, 2016

Pet-Friendly_Apt-NOLA.jpgWhether you enjoy the morning birdsong of your feathered friend, the soothing view of a beautiful aquarium, or the warm snuggles of a dog or cat, you can find an apartment community that offers your pet a welcoming home. As you evaluate your options, consider these four points:

1. Check Pet Policies

Many apartment communities have restrictions governing the number, size, and type of pets that are allowed, and you’ll typically find some requirements for the care of your pets as well. For example, the pet policies for Springs at Fremaux Town Center and Springs at River Chase require up-to-date vaccinations for all dogs, as well as coverage on your liability insurance. In addition, certain breeds must pass obedience training and an in-person interview with a member of the leasing team.

2. Consider the Apartment Size

If you have a saltwater aquarium or large bird, you may need added space in your apartment home for the tank or cage. Pets like dogs and cats, which may leave an occasional mess on the floor, do well in apartments with hardwood-style flooring which makes cleanup easy.

3. Explore Community Amenities

If you have a dog, it’s important to make sure your new apartment community offers adequate outdoor space. A leash-free pet playground or dog park is ideal, especially if you own a larger breed. The confines of an apartment home can put added strain on pets who need to run, but access to these outdoor amenities offers the perfect opportunity for fresh air and exercise.

4. Think About the Dirty Work

It’s not always a pleasant topic to ponder, but pet owners need to think about how waste is managed. Are there receptacles for pet waste along your walking path? Is there adequate signage to encourage responsible cleanup? How are offenders handled? Look for services like PooPrints™ used by our Springs communities, which keeps pet DNA on file and uses DNA sampling to identify any pet owners who may leave waste around the community.

What do you look for in a pet-friendly apartment community? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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