How to Make the Most of Springs’ Car Care Areas in Covington and Slidell

December 14, 2016

care-care-area-NOLA.jpgThe car care areas at Springs at Fremaux Town Center and Springs at River Chase offer all the convenience of a home driveway and hose, along with added bonuses like a tub for pets. Here are some smart ways to put these areas to use:

1. Polish Up Your Wheels

Our car care centers are ideal for washing your cars, but these aren’t the only wheels you can clean here. Do you have a motorcycle, scooter, or bike? We offer the wide outdoor space and powerful hoses that you need to wash down any means of transportation.

2. Spray Down Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture tends to accumulate a fine layer of dirt and grime over time. You don’t want to settle into a dingy chair to watch that picturesque sunset—especially if you’re wearing white pants! Keep your furniture and other patio items looking fresh and new with a quick spray down.

3. Fluff Up Fido

Our car care areas double as pet spas, as facilities like a raised tub and rinse hose provide the perfect setting for giving your dog a bath. With this amenity, you don’t have to worry about clogging your bathroom tub with pet hair or risk having your pooch shake off water in your apartment home.

4. Clean Your Kicks

Don’t bring muddy shoes into the house where they can foul your floors. Make a point of stopping by the car care center after your hiking trip or other excursion to rinse off your shoes.

5. Update Your Outdoor Garden

If you’re creating a living masterpiece on your patio or balcony, you’ll undoubtedly have some messy potting projects to tackle. Think about bringing the supplies over to the car care area to do your repotting. You can rinse down the mess easily when you’re done and return home with beautiful potted plants.

How do you make use of our car care facilities? Let us know in the comments below!

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