Reasons to Go For an Apartment With a Garage in New Orleans

November 29, 2017

Apartment with Garage in New OrleansWhen you're looking for an apartment in New Orleans, there is a lot of criteria that you should take into consideration to find your perfect home. Before you begin your apartment hunt, determine how many bedrooms you'll need, the types of amenities that you want your apartment community to offer, and your ideal location. As you make your list of must-haves, don't forget about the value that an apartment with a garage offers, including these five benefits.

1. Storage Space Galore

You can never have too much storage space, and having a garage provides you an abundance of space to store items that may not necessarily fit neatly in your apartment. For those that live an active lifestyle, a garage prevents you from having bulky sporting equipment taking up space in your apartment. You can talk to your property manager about garage storage solutions that will allow you to keep this storage space neat and tidy while also housing your car.

2. Safety

No matter how safe your apartment community is, a garage will offer an extra level of security by safely storing your car and possessions out of view from questionable characters. A garage also offers a safe refuge for your car in the event of inclement weather. While snow and ice are rare in New Orleans, we do have a hurricane season that can produce harsh weather.

3. Guaranteed Parking

When you have a garage, there's no need to frantically hunt down a spot in your apartment community parking lot. Having access to a personal garage means that you have a guaranteed parking spot. And, if you're entertaining guests, you could always move your car to the community parking lot to make room in your garage, which will save your guests the hassle of trying to find a parking spot.

4. Additional Workout Space

Many apartment communities in the New Orleans area offer onsite fitness centers. However, residents that prefer to exercise in private can do so by using their garage as their own personal workout space. You can create your own garage gym on a budget simply by investing in a few dumbbells, a medicine ball and a yoga mat.

5. Man Cave or She-shed

If you have a private garage, you can gain instant square footage for entertaining by creating a man cave or she-shed (yes, those really do exist). To create your own garage retreat, all you need is a couch or two, a TV and perhaps a table to serve as a makeshift bar area.

If you're convinced that you need an apartment in New Orleans with a garage, you'll be pleased to learn that our Springs at River Chase and Springs at Fremaux Town Center apartments both offer the option to have a private garage space. Contact us to learn more.New Call-to-action

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