4 of the Best Bakeries in Oklahoma City

December 14, 2015

Best_Bakeries_in_OKC.jpgFreshly baked breads and pastries add the perfect finishing touch to any meal. It takes a lot of time to craft these delicacies in your own apartment kitchen, but Oklahoma City’s bakeries have a quick and easy solution. Whether you’re looking for a rich buttery croissant to start the day, or a moist cake for a birthday party, these local bakeries will meet your needs.

Johnnies Sweet Creations
8419 S. Western Ave.

The Master Baker at Johnnies brings nearly four decades of experience to the creations here. You’ll find everything from crusty French bread to elaborate special event cakes. If you’re looking for a mouthwatering dessert with down home flavor, the pie selection at Johnnies is superb. With a broad menu that includes strawberry cream, chocolate chiffon, and egg custard, there’s something available to suit any menu. An added bonus is that Johnnies is only 7 minutes away from Springs at May Lakes.

Cuppies & Joe
727 NW 23rd Street

Open Tuesday through Saturday, Cuppies & Joe is a popular stop for a cozy cup of coffee and decadent pastry. While you can fall back into a plush chair and enjoy free Wi-Fi in-house, you’re sure to find some goodies worth taking back to the apartment as well.

The store’s signature cuppies are available individually or by the dozen. Classics like Vanilla Sky and Chocolate Rain are made daily, but other specials only grace the menu on certain days of the week. Grab a whole box of your favorite when it shows up so you can enjoy a cuppie and coffee at home every day of the week.

Ingrid’s Kitchen
3701 North Youngs

Ingrid’s is best known for its hearty German dining, but this restaurant also features a bakery that’s sure to become a mainstay on your shopping list. An Oklahoma City staple since 1977, Ingrid’s Kitchen is all about tradition. The bakery items are prepared on-site from scratch using time-honored European traditions. There are no preservatives here, and many items feature less sugar than you’ll find in conventional store-bought products.

Ingrid’s bakery offers cakes, pies, tarts, cookies, pastries, bread, and rolls. If you’re looking for something special for dessert, don’t miss indulgent options like the raspberry cream puff or streusel. Dress up your dinners every day of the week with fresh baguettes, dinner rolls, or specialty breads like the dense pan-baked six-grain loaf.

Big Sky Bread Company
6606 N. Western Avenue

Big Sky Bread Company is so popular you can pick up products both at the bakery and at Akins Natural Foods, Green Acres Market, and Sprouts Farmers Market. The bakery offers a different selection of breads every day of the week, from a rich garlic bread Tuesday and Friday to the hearty multi-grain on Wednesday and spicy jalapeño cornbread waiting for your Saturday evening chili. Call ahead to reserve your favorite fresh-baked loaf.

Whether you’re preparing for a party or dressing up a weeknight dinner, a quick stop by one of these Oklahoma City bakeries will take your meal from ordinary to outstanding with one simple purchase.

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