5 Ways to Add Color to Your Oklahoma City Apartment Without Paint

February 22, 2016

Add-Color-To-Your-Apartment-OKC.jpgNeed to find alternatives for adding a splash of color to your space without painting the walls? Here are some tips and tricks that can make your Springs at May Lakes or Springs at Memorial apartment colorful.

1. Invest in Colorful Artwork

If you’re bored with the plain walls, look into hanging colorful photos or artwork. You can add interest and color without painting, and also enjoy the work and skills of a local artist. If you have a DIY bent, consider making your own wall art using recycled materials, papier-mâché or other materials you may have on hand. You can get really creative as you bring color into your space.

2. Add Color to the Floor

Our Oklahoma City properties have beautiful wood laminate flooring, but you can spruce them up a bit with a colorful, trendy area rug. Not only does it lend some fun color to your space, but also can be easily replaced if and when your decorating tastes change.

3. Add Color With Your Furnishings 

A bright armchair will add a pop of color to your apartment, while also providing functionality in your space. If you're feeling adventurous, you can invest in a bold colored couch, making it the focal point of your living area. If you aren't brave enough to invest in a brightly colored chair or couch, use colorful throw pillows and blankets to add the color you crave.

4. Paint Without the Paint

If you really just want a new color for your walls, consider a peel-and- stick mural. You can apply these anywhere in your apartment, and remove them without damage to the walls. This is an attractive and colorful way to personalize your space.

5. Hang a Tapestry 

If wall art isn't your thing, consider hanging a colorful tapestry or quilt on the wall. It will draw attention and serve as a conversation piece, while also adding color to your space.

How have you recently added some color to your Oklahoma City apartment? We’d love to hear your tips in the comments! 

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