6 Must-Have Apartment Amenities in Oklahoma City

October 10, 2016

resort-style-pool-OKC.jpgChoosing a new apartment is no small task, but you can narrow down your options quickly by listing your must-haves. Keep an eye out for the following six amenities to make sure your new apartment home includes everything you want.

1. A Welcoming Clubhouse

One of best parts of living in an apartment community is the clubhouse. The top apartment communities offer a welcoming clubhouse with perks like a fitness center and free Wi-Fi. Look for a clubhouse where you’d feel comfortable hanging out, as this may become your go-to spot to meet neighbors in the community.

2. A Sparkling Swimming Pool

Oklahoma City has sweltering summers with highs in the 80s in June and September, and 90s in July and August. This makes a swimming pool a major draw, and a feature you won’t want to miss on an apartment tour.

3. Private Patios or Balconies

A private balcony or patio can provide that private outdoor retreat we all need. This is the perfect place to plant your herb garden, keep a few favorite flowers, or set out a comfortable lounge chair. Look for an apartment community that offers a spacious balcony or first-floor patio, where you can head outside and enjoy Oklahoma City’s weather.

4. Space for Furry Friends

If you have pets in your family, a welcoming apartment community is a must-have. Some apartments simply tolerate pets, while others go above and beyond to make them feel like treasured members of the community with perks like a pet spa area or a leash-free, fenced pet playground. If you have a furry friend, be sure to inquire about pet-related amenities before scheduling an apartment tour.

5. A Washer and Dryer

At a minimum, you’ll probably want an apartment community with access to a public washer and dryer. While on-site laundry rooms are helpful, in-home washers and dryers are the ideal solution and will save you the time consuming task of lugging your clothes back and forth.

6. Spacious Storage

It’s important to consider how much square footage your new place offers compared to your current living situation. When you’re looking for a new apartment, make sure there are enough rooms and closets to accommodate all your belongings. The last thing you want is to feel cramped because you don’t have the space you need for your things.

What makes your must-have amenity list in an apartment community? Share your favorite features with us in the comments section below!

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