6 Smart Tips for Surviving Cold Weather in Oklahoma City

November 30, 2015

Cold_Weather_tips_OKC.jpgThe one thing you can count on being inconsistent in Oklahoma City is the weather. It may be warm one day and cold the next. The weather changes quickly and you should be prepared for any type of winter weather conditions so you're never caught off-guard by a sudden cold spell. Here are a few tips for surviving and thriving in cold weather.

1. Dress in Layers to Stay Warm 

A T-shirt, sweater or hooded sweatshirt underneath a winter coat will keep you nice and toasty on those cold mornings that you have to get up and go to school or to work. Layering your clothing in winter traps the heat from your body inside, making it easy to stay warm when it's cold outside. Thermal underwear, wool socks and leggings are great layers to add to keep your feet and legs warm as well. 

2. Drink Something Warm on a Cold Day 

Hot cocoa, tea and coffee are all good drinks for cold weather because you feel warmer when you have something warm in your stomach. Hot soup is another good pantry staple for lunches or dinner on a cold day.

3. Create an Emergency Kit

A small box with candles, a manual can opener, matches or lighter and flashlight will help you stay safe if the power is knocked out by a storm. You should keep the box in a place in your apartment where you can easily access it in an emergency.

4. Keep a Surplus of Canned Food

You never know when bad weather will hit and a winter storm and cleanup can last for days. Keep an emergency supply of canned goods and ready-to-eat snacks on-hand in case you’re unable to get out to the grocery store for a few days.

5. Emergency Supplies in Your Car

A blanket, road flares, flashlight, jumper cables, energy bars and a snow shovel should be kept in the trunk of the car in case you get stranded in bad weather. And don’t forget an ice scraper to keep your windshield clear.

6. Know the Weather Forecast

Always be aware of the temperature and any potential snow or ice storms that may be heading your way. Frostbite can happen quickly if you’re not dressed properly. Choose the best weather days for shopping and running errands, and stay inside with hot cocoa and your favorite DVD when the weather gets bad.

Know of any other cold weather tips? Share them with Springs Apartments in the comments section below.

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