6 Ways to Love Your Oklahoma City Apartment

October 03, 2016

Love-Your-Apartment-OKC.jpgYour apartment home should be more than just a space where you eat and sleep. It should feel like a home: welcoming, comforting, and relaxing. Customizing your space to meet your own needs and preferences will help you fall more in love with your apartment, and we have several ideas to get your started.

1. Use Some Area Rugs

The wood-like floors at Springs at May Lakes and Springs at Memorial apartments are stunning, but breaking them up with a few area rugs can make your home feel a bit cozier. Not only will they add comfort and warmth, but they help define different areas of your home and help convey your personality.

2. Scent it Up

Choose a scent you love like lavender, vanilla, or citrus, and make that the "signature scent" of your apartment home. Once you've selected your scent, purchase candles, air fresheners, and sachets in that same scent.

3. Create a Memory Shelf

Far too often, souvenirs and pictures from the past get stuffed into boxes and hidden away. Shine some light on these memories by giving them a shelf or two in living room. Things like your keepsakes from travels, an heirloom from your grandmother, and childhood photographs will make the place feel like your own and inspire conversation when others see them.

4. Hang Some Window Treatments

Your Springs Apartments home comes with faux wood blinds that help block the sunlight and offer some privacy, but you can create a more customized look by hanging decorative drapes to the inside of the blinds. You can even change your drapes with the season, using soft, flowy ones in the summer and thicker, insulating drapes in the winter.

5. Decorate With Plants

Having some plants in your apartment adds a natural element to your environment and can also boost your mood. Aloe vera is a good choice since you can use its pulp to soothe burns, while snake plants, bamboo, and spider plants also grow well indoors without a lot of effort.

6. Adopt a Pet

The unconditional love and companionship a pet provides is truly heartwarming. Our pet-friendly Springs Apartments communities accept a wide variety of animals, including larger dog breeds.How did you customize your Springs at May Lakes or Springs at Memorial apartment? Share your tips with our readers in the comments below.

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