7 Tips for Choosing a Studio Apartment in Oklahoma City

May 16, 2016

studio-apartments-in-oklahoma-city.jpgOklahoma City has a lot to offer – but not a lot of studio apartments. If you’re looking for a smaller apartment, you may have only been thinking of a one bedroom, but a studio is a great alternative.

Here are six essential tips for finding a studio apartment that meets your needs and feels like home.

1. Get Your Money’s Worth

It sounds obvious, but knowing beforehand what you can comfortably afford in monthly rent will help you weed out too-pricey options. When you find a studio apartment that fits your budget, don’t forget to factor in utility costs. Having a bigger space or vaulted ceilings is great – until that first big air conditioning bill shows up. Do you have wiggle room in the budget for these sorts of extras?

2. Closets and Pantries and Shelves, Oh My!

Studio apartments usually aren’t as storage-friendly as their one- or two-bedroom counterparts, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a place for everything. When touring studio apartments, think about all of your belongings and how you normally store them. Have a ton of clothes and shoes? Prioritize bedroom closet space. If kitchen gadgets are your joy, check out how much cupboard and counter space is available.

3. Work and Play

When considering a studio apartment, make sure the space reflects your lifestyle. If you’re known for your intimate dinner parties, a bigger dining space fits the bill. Want to host weekly movie nights? Forego the bigger kitchen for more comfy space in your main living area.

Playing in your studio apartment is one thing, but what about working there? Telecommuters and college students should keep an eye out for studio apartments with alcoves and desk niches that allow for carving out a separate work space.


4. Modern Conveniences

It’s not uncommon to find scaled-down appliances in studio apartments. Take a look. Will the stove, refrigerator and dishwasher meet your needs even if they aren’t top of the line? Washer and dryer availability is also an important amenity to note when evaluating various apartment communities.  

5. Furniture Fit

Studio apartments can feel a little cramped if you don’t carefully contemplate the amount and size of furniture you have to bring into the space. If you simply can’t part with a favorite desk or the chaise from Aunt Jane, take that into consideration when deciding on a studio apartment. The important thing to remember is to be realistic.

6. Go Clubbing

In an apartment community, your living space extends beyond the walls of your individual unit. Check out the recreational amenities and determine which community offers those that best align with what you like to do, like swimming or running your dog off-leash.

7. Natural Light

Large windows can make any space feel bigger than it is. Make sure to take notice of how much natural light you’ll be getting in your new home.

As you explore your studio apartment options in Oklahoma City, keep these tips in mind – and a notebook in hand to jot down key information and questions so you can confidently choose the space that meets your wants and needs.

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