3 Considerations When Choosing Between a 2- or 3- Bedroom Apartment in Oklahoma City

May 22, 2017

Choosing-2-or-3-Bedroom-Apartment-OKC.jpgChoosing a new apartment is a big decision. The right home will keep you comfortable and cozy long into the future, while a poor fit may have you itching to move before your lease is up. If you’re having trouble picking the right place, use these tips to guide your decision.

1. Evaluate Your Belongings

What’s your current living situation like? If you’re currently in a small one-bedroom or studio apartment, your belongings will easily fit in an upgrade of any size. On the other hand, if you’re losing square footage, you may need to reconsider what you’re bringing along. Make a list of your essential belongings and how much space they need, and take a look at the Springs’ 3D floor plans to help you visualize how your furniture will fit.

Our Springs at May Lakes and Springs at Memorial communities each have several two-bedroom layouts and three-bedroom options to choose from. Review all the choices carefully to determine where your furniture and other items will fit best.

2. Work Out a Budget

Understanding your budget is a critical part of an apartment search. You first need to consider your moving expenses. How big of a deposit can you afford? Do you have enough funds for a large moving truck to accommodate all your belongings, or would you be better off selling some excess furniture and using the funds toward your new apartment home?

You should also consider your month-to-month budget. What are you comfortable paying for monthly rent? Financial advisors generally recommend spending no more than 25 percent of your income on rent. Make sure to consider all your financial obligations in your calculations including credit card payments, student loan debt, groceries, fuel costs, insurance expenses and entertainment.

3. Check with Your Family

How large is your family? If you have three or more children, you may need a three-bedroom apartment to give everyone enough space. If you have two children who are comfortable sharing a room, a two-bedroom might suffice. At a minimum, you should make sure you have adequate sleeping space to accommodate everyone in your family.

4. Consider Your Comfort

Though you may not need the extra bedroom for sleeping space, there are several considerations that might have you leaning toward a three-bedroom apartment rather than two. Do you have frequent overnight guests? If visitors come by often, the extra bedroom may come in handy. If you work from home, you may want a third bedroom that you can use as an office.

What are your recommendations for those torn between a two- or three-bedroom apartment? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!New Call-to-action

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