How Much Does It Cost To Live in Oklahoma City?

August 08, 2016
Cost-of-Living-OKC.jpgBefore you move to a new location or start looking for jobs in a given area, it's important to research the cost of living so you know what you can afford to pay for rent, entertainment, and other expenses. Here’s a breakdown of how Oklahoma City stacks up to other cities in the region.

The Cost of Living Index in Oklahoma City

A simple way to compare Oklahoma City’s cost of living to other areas is to consider the cost of living index. This number is assigned based on the average cost of groceries, utilities, and the like. A score above 100 means the city is higher than average compared to the rest of the country, while a score below 100 means that city is less expensive than average.
The cost of living index on Oklahoma City is about 88, making it a very affordable place to live for such a large city. For comparison, here's a look at the cost of living of some other cities in the region:
  • Tulsa: 84
  • Wichita: 87
  • Dallas: 106
  • Arlington: 93
There are various online tools, such as the calculator, that you can use to directly compare the cost of living in Oklahoma City to another city. This tool will also tell you what income you'll need to make in Oklahoma City to maintain your current lifestyle. For instance, if you earn $50,000 per year in Dallas, an equivalent income in Oklahoma City would be $41,769 because of the lower cost of living.

Comparing Costs Side By Side

Another way to get a better idea of Oklahoma City’s cost of living is to look at the costs of common goods and services and compare them to those in your current area. A company called Expatistan tracks prices around the world. For Oklahoma City, here are some average costs:
  • A dozen eggs: $2.89
  • A combo meal at a fast food restaurant: $6
  • Average monthly rent in a furnished, 900-square-foot apartment: $929
  • Utilities for two people in an average apartment: $243
  • Monthly public transit ticket: $40
  • 5-mile taxi trip: $20
  • Basic dinner for two at a neighborhood restaurant: $35

Keep in mind that these are averages, and costs will vary.

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