7 Reasons Why a Garage is a Must-Have for Your Oklahoma City Apartment

November 27, 2017

Apartment with Garage in Oklahoma CityYour search for the right luxury apartment home in Oklahoma City is much easier when you make a wish list of desired features. Don't forget that one of the more valuable amenities you can choose is actually outside the apartment!

Here are seven reasons why a garage is an essential must-have for your Springs Oklahoma City luxury apartment home.

1. Safety First

No neighborhood is immune from car thieves and prowlers. These are generally crimes of opportunity, so storing your car in a garage keeps it from being a target for roving eyes.

2. Avoid the Effects of Temperature

Believe it or not, keeping your car indoors can improve its performance in a couple of different ways.

  • When your car is sheltered from extreme temperatures, oil and other fluids maintain a more stable condition, which allows the engine to run more efficiently.
  • Moderate temperatures also mean that the car will warm up more quickly on cold days and cool off more quickly on hot ones.

3. Protect the Finish

Rain, snow, hail, wind and other weather conditions can take a toll on a car's exterior. In addition to the inconvenience of having to wash your car more often, weather elements can cause more serious damage by weakening the clear coat and potentially leading to rust.

4. Stay Ding-Free

The most careful driver in the world is helpless in the face of countless other drivers. Parking lots are notorious hotspots for dings, fender benders and other cosmetic damage that's rarely serious on its own, but can add up quickly.

5. No More "Musical Cars"

Without assigned parking, there's a daily scramble for the best spots and you could end up as the last car standing. Having a garage gives you guaranteed rock-star parking just steps away from your home.

6. Reduce Car Insurance Premiums

Who isn't looking for ways to lower their insurance premiums? Many companies offer reduced rates for cars that are stored in a garage due to the lesser risk of theft or damage.

7. Added Storage

The words "too much storage" are in no one's vocabulary. A garage is a useful place to store larger items and things that are used infrequently, such as tools or holiday decorations.

Springs at May Lakes and Springs at Memorial offer attached and detached garages for your convenience. Stop by and talk to a helpful member of our on-site management team to learn more about your options.New Call-to-action

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