7 Things You Should Always Dry Clean (And 4 You Can Wash at Home)

August 23, 2017


This article originally appeared on the Springs "You're Home Blog."

The best way to stretch your wardrobe budget is to take proper care of the clothes you already own. Here's a handy guide to what's safe for the washing machine and what should always go to the dry cleaners.

Dry Clean Only

  1. Embellishments such as sequins and beads are fragile and unlikely to make it through a washing machine unscathed.
  2. No matter how carefully you iron pleated items, they won't regain that sharp, crisp look. Dry cleaners can maintain the pleats and they usually have repleating equipment to salvage ones that are looking tired.
  3. Dresses, sports coats and any other fully-lined items should be dry cleaned to prevent water from breaking the linings apart.
  4. Suede and leather have unique fibers and textures that can be damaged by going through a washing machine.
  5. Suits, especially ones made of wool, will keep their shape much longer if you have them dry cleaned.
  6. Dark-colored silks have a tendency to bleed. Dampen a small area on the item and blot with a paper towel. If it leaves color behind, the garment should be dry cleaned.
  7. Take heavily-stained items to the dry cleaners. They have the benefit of commercial-level soaps and stain solvents.

Wash at Home

  1. Dry cleaning denim is often overkill. Most denim items will go through a wash cycle just fine.
  2. Synthetics such as rayon, polyester and acrylic are generally durable enough for the washing machine.
  3. Cotton and linen items can be placed in the washing machine, but avoid hot water to prevent color fading.
  4. Cashmere and other soft wools should be dry cleaned, right? Surprise! Dry cleaning chemicals can actually damage these fabrics, so you should wash them at home.

Read the Label

The textile industry has developed a helpful set of universal symbols that denote specific care instructions. If a particular item has no label or you're simply unsure, err on the side of caution and have the garment dry cleaned.

Alternate Clothing Care Methods

  1. Delicate fabrics like cashmere and light-colored silks should be washed by hand with a mild soap such as Woolite.
  2. A mesh garment bag provides an extra layer of protection for items in the washing machine.
  3. In-home dry cleaning kits are effective and convenient, but they shouldn't be used with textured fabrics such as velvet and suede or heavily-stained items.
  4. Hand-washed items should be air-dried rather than machine-dried to keep them from shrinking.
  5. garment steamer is handy for removing wrinkles without risk of burning the fabric.

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