How to get around Rochester MN, sometimes with a car

March 14, 2017


Blank billboard on bus stop.jpegWhile having a car is a valuable tool for getting where you need to go, there is one consistent complaint many new residents have who find themselves spending extensive time at the hospitals - parking. Combine this with the expense of registration, licenses, insurance, gas, and regular auto maintenance and sometimes it seems as though the auto industry is conspiring against you. Fortunately, getting around Rochester, Minnesota is much simpler than hopping in your car and driving.

Public Transportation

Rochester has an extensive public bus system that supplies residents with convenient routes and regular schedules. A convenient app allows users to see exactly where the buses are in the system allowing them to time their arrivals and departures without standing in the bitter Minnesota winter for long. At just $480 for an annual rider's pass, the value cannot be beat. 

Skyways and Subways

Anticipating the needs of patients and doctors alike, the Mayo Clinic buildings are interconnected by a series of skyways and subways, making travel between sections of the hospital fast and easy. Originally designed to give patients an easy form transportation to and from their appointments from a variety of places in the city, the skyway and subway system keeps residents from having to don winter gear every time they need to get to another building during inclement weather.

Free Shuttle Services

Many apartment complexes, like Springs Apartments, have free courtesy shuttles to and from the hospital and clinic buildings. These shuttles are available at the convenience of the residents and provide direct transportation to and from work regardless of the shift you are working. Included in the cost of rent, this singular amenity proves invaluable to residents whether they wish to eschew a car entirely during their residency or simply do not want to worry about the hassle of parking.

Whether you have a car or not, getting around Rochester has never been easier. With convenient and affordable bus transportation, a system of interconnected skyways and walkways between the Mayo Clinic buildings, and a free shuttle service to and from many apartment buildings, it is possible to get anywhere you want to go without ever stepping on a gas pedal.

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