3 Tips for Finding the Ultimate 1-Bedroom Apartment in San Antonio

Jean Jones
(February 18, 2016)

1-Bedroom-Apartment-SA.jpgYour choice of apartment – size, style, location, services and amenities – can have a big impact on your life. The right one-bedroom apartment (like those at Springs Apartments in San Antonio!) will be the ideal place to entertain, relax, and make some great memories. But choose the wrong one and you could end up cramped and frustrated by a place that doesn’t fit your lifestyle or meet your needs. We can help, just by asking you three simple questions about how you’ll use your one-bedroom apartment home!

1. How Much Flexibility Do You Need?

If your apartment is simply a place to hang your hat, get some sleep and store your bottled water, you’ve got it easy – almost any apartment will do. But if you’re someone who likes to entertain or who works at home, think seriously about the layout of the apartments you look at.

If you enjoy hosting get-togethers for a few friends, the best apartment might be one with an open floor plan and adjacent areas where people can gather – like a cozy living room and a kitchen with an island; a balcony comes in handy, too, because it actually extends your usable space. If entertaining just means watching some TV with one or two friends, you might need a living room big enough to allow people to pull up a chair and gather around the TV to watch a game. If you sometimes work at home, you need to make sure that either the bedroom has space to put a desk, or that the dining area is large enough for a table where you can spread out and get some work done!

2. Will My Furniture Fit?

People with lots of furniture should look for apartments that feature open floor plans; these types of layouts make it easier to create comfortable arrangements and ideal traffic flows. Take a few minutes to make an inventory of all your furniture, and note the measurements for each piece. Use this information to make a scale diagram of the apartments you’re considering, or even use an online space planner, like the one Springs Apartments uses with its San Antonio floor plans. Visualizing your furniture in different spaces/configurations will help you determine the best positioning of your furniture and select the apartment that makes that possible.

3. Will I Have Enough Storage Space?

Be realistic about your storage needs and choose an apartment that has the space you need for all that “stuff” in your life. Do you primarily use closet space for clothes, or do you also use some of that space for craft supplies, holiday decorations, and collectibles? You’ll find many different storage options available in one-bedroom apartments, ranging from a coat and bedroom closet to units with added storage areas that significantly increase space for stashing important (and even not-so-important) items. If you fall in love with a one-bedroom but are concerned about the amount of space you’ll have for storage, Springs Apartments has lots of great tips for optimizing what you have – here’s just one of many resources!

A one-bedroom apartment can give you adequate space for your favorite activities without restricting your lifestyle or squeezing your budget. Take the time to visit our Springs Apartments communities in San Antonio and find your ideal one-bedroom apartment!

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