5+ Extra Storage Spaces Hiding in Plain Sight at Your San Antonio Apartment

(August 25, 2016)

Apartment_Storage.jpgThe late comedian George Carlin had a popular routine about the "stuff" we accumulate over time. Are you running out of space for the "stuff" in your Springs San Antonio luxury apartment home? Here are some of the more ingenious solutions we've discovered for creating space-saving storage.

Scan Important Papers and Documents

We haven't achieved a paperless society yet, but you don't have to remain a slave to bulging file cabinets. Scan copies of insurance policies, tax returns and other documents for permanent records that are quickly accessible. If you haven't already, enroll in paperless statements for financial data such as bank accounts and credit cards.

"Stretch" Existing Storage

  • Add tiered or stackable organizers inside cabinets and under-shelf baskets to closets, bookcases and cupboards.
  • Make use of the vertical space underneath a sink with an expandable organizer that can be configured around pipes.
  • Attach a plastic file or magazine holder to the inside of a cabinet door to hold blow dryers and curling irons.
  • Use wonder hangers to expand the already generous space in our roomy walk-in closets.

Pegboard Power

Pegboard is usually found on a wall, but you can use four pieces to create a multi-tasking storage station. For example, you can keep rolls of giftwrap in the center and hang tape, scissors and ribbon on the sides.

Walls and Doors

  • Hang stylish baskets for a great storage option that doubles as an attractive decor element.
  • Command hooks create instant vertical storage in otherwise unused spaces.
  • Who says a shoe organizer has to go in a closet? Or even that it has to hold shoes? Hang one on the back of a door to store anything from belts and accessories to body lotion and shampoo.

Sit on It

Benches and ottomans contain plenty of hidden storage space, and they can be pressed into duty as extra seating when you're entertaining guests.

Do you have a clever storage tip to add to the list? Share it with us in the comments!

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