7 Tips to Banish Stress from Your San Antonio Holidays

(December 03, 2015)

Surviving_Holidays_San_Antonio.jpgHow do you react when the holidays arrive? Do you turn into a kid, gleefully anticipating fun and merriment, or are you secretly filled with dread of the stress that's sure to come? Make this the year you take back the holidays. We're sharing some of our favorite tips for releasing that stress and rediscovering the joy of the season.

1. FFF (Family and Friends First)

Do you get so wrapped up in arranging the perfect holiday festivities that you end up spending little time with loved ones? Remember that this time is meant for connecting with family and friends, even if it means fewer batches of cookies or less lavish decorations.

2. Two Letters: N-O

Contrary to what you may believe, you’re not obligated to accept every invitation or obligation that comes your way. A day is still only 24 hours long, so value your time and spend it accordingly. The holidays will not come to a screeching halt if you pass on a cocktail party or gracefully decline a babysitting request.

3. Find Comfort in Cleaning

Housework is a vigorous physical activity that requires no mental gymnastics, giving it great therapeutic value. Don't take a frantic kamikaze approach to holiday cleaning. Put on some music, focus on each task at hand and give your mind a break.

4. Don't Stop Moving

During the holidays, exercise is often the first everyday activity sacrificed from your schedule when you actually need that outlet now more than ever. It's OK to scale back your workouts, but be sure to get regular physical activity, even if it's just walking the dog after dinner.

5. Give Yourself Permission to be Human

Even TV and movie characters are not cheerful 100 percent of the time. Your emotions don't go on vacation during the holidays, so there are bound to be times when you're sad or frustrated or just plain cranky. Don't wallow in the feeling, but don't beat yourself up either. Acknowledge the emotion and deal with it the same way you would any other time.

6. R&R is Not a No-No

There is no rule that says every minute must be packed with some holiday-related activity. Spend an evening catching up with some of your favorite shows, take in a Spurs game or treat yourself to a relaxing massage. The down time will recharge your batteries, allowing you to resume holiday mode with a lighter attitude.

7. Don't Look Back

Past holidays often take on a rosy glow when viewed from a distance. Trying to live up to those idealized visions rarely ends well. Keep your focus on the present day and appreciate the time you have now.

Holidays are always a festive time at Springs Apartments in San Antonio. We hope to see you at one of our special events!

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