The Lap of Luxury: 8 Must-Have Apartment Amenities in San Antonio

(October 13, 2016)

Alamo_Ranch_Car_Care_Center.jpgHow do you define "luxury?" Ask 100 people and you may get 100 different answers, but there are certain amenities that show up on just about everybody's wish list. Here's a look at some of the more desirable apartment amenities that spell "luxury" no matter how you define it.

1. Swimming Pool

Even if you never get near the water, a swimming pool is a huge plus. It's a spacious, comfortable place to relax with a good book or spend time getting to know your neighbors. And oh yes, the water is refreshing too.

2. Modern Appliances

In addition to convenience, appliances provide a major decor element in an apartment. Outdated styles make it almost impossible to achieve the look you want, no matter what you add around them.

3. Air Conditioning

With temperatures routinely topping 90°F during San Antonio summers, it doesn't take much to turn your apartment home into an oven. Air conditioning allows you to control the interior climate at your preferred comfort level, especially for those restless nights when it's too hot to sleep.

4. Car Care Area

Most apartment communities have limited parking space, forcing you to go off-site for even the most basic clean-up. A car care area lets you provide your vehicle with some TLC right at home on your schedule.

5. Walk-In Closet

Have you ever heard someone say they have enough storage? Space is always at a premium for both homeowners and apartment residents, so a walk-in closet is a valuable commodity that gives you plenty of room for your wardrobe and accessories.

6. Hardwood-Style Flooring

Carpeting is nice but it eventually wears out, making it less appealing if you live in an apartment for a lengthy period of time. Hardwood-style floors are low-maintenance and they look attractive as is, or you have the option of adding a touch of personal style with area rugs.

7. Patio or Balcony

A patio or balcony offers a perfect spot to unwind and enjoy the outdoors while it also affords you some welcome privacy.

8. On-Site Management

When you rent an apartment, it's management's responsibility to maintain the community as a pleasant place to live for everyone, which includes being responsive to your problems and questions. On-site management demonstrates a commitment to providing excellent customer service and putting resident needs first.

Does this sound like a tall order? Our Springs at San Antonio communities include all these amenities and more, putting luxury living within reach for everyone. Stop in and talk to a member of our leasing team about flexible lease terms and other benefits that put Springs at the top of your list!

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